2 Touch points are better than 1 The current Ninte…

2 Touch points are better than 1

The current Nintendo DS that we all know and love currently has one touch access. If you touch the DS with one or more objects, only one access point will enter. Nintendo recently filed a patent for not one but TWO touch points. And we thought that the DS was innovative.

STORY: Nintendo was granted a U.S. patent the company filed in July 2004, showing a “Gaming Apparatus” similar in appearance to the DS but with added touch screen functionality. The system shown is capable of recognizing two touch points simultaneously, as well as calculating related distances and angles between the two touched points. The current DS can only recognize one touch point at a time. Very interesting to say the least. I can definitely see this as a partner for FPS and driving games. Imagine the possibilities. Is this a sign of things to come? Is this possibly a “preview” of the next gameboy? I will keep you updated as more develops. Thanks for stopping by! Game ON!


Virtual Reality Saga Continues… I wish I had a s…

Virtual Reality Saga Continues…

I wish I had a straight answer. I wish I could end all the speculation and rumors but I can’t. The infamous rumor that the Revolution will have some sort of virtual reality/3-dimensional viewing still crops up. The Revolution rumor that wont die comes from an “anonymous” source going by the moniker “Discreet.” This “source” is quoted as saying “I would just like to say that at E3 2006, they will 100% no doubt be revealing a virtual reality gadget that functions with the revolution. The source I got this from also states that Nintendo has been working with E-D in the past and with 3DH. At E3, Nintendo will allow revolution controllers to be tested and virtual reality suits for special guests. High Status 3DH staff will appear and describe about the new technology and how the brain reads this new technology. That’s all I can reveal in this tip. Also about the pictures, I cannot release them, I was not even suppose to tell people about this.” BIG thanks to this quality site for the above story.

I am in the middle of this one. One side of me thinks that there is a certain amount of truth to this rumor, and yet one side of me says that there is no way possible that this will come true. All I know is that this has been sparking a huge debate in the gaming world and has people talking. Everyone get ready- E3 is only 69 days away!

Independent company making Revolution Game! Toda…

Independent company making Revolution Game!

Today, Crossbeam Studios Entertainment announced that they would be releasing a title, currently referred to as Thorn, for Nintendo’s Revolution. The action-adventure game takes place in the future and features a character on the run from the authorities, trying to solve the sudden disappearance of an old military comrade on a planet that has yet to be fully explored. The game will definitely take advantage of Revolution’s unique controller.

Also, Crossbeam Studios founder and lead designer Greg Szemiot also commented on his studio’s progress with Orb. In case you missed it, Orb is an adventure game with RPG elements for the Revolution. Things are starting to take shape for our Revolution. Look for more info coming soon! Game ON!


Mario and DS Lite to release on same day? There i…

Mario and DS Lite to release on same day?

There is a rumor going around that the next incarnation of Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS might ship the same day as the DS lite. If you do not know, the new Super Mario title will ship on May 7. What better way to move a new, redesigned system than to release a new Mario title on the SAME DAY! Cross your plungers gamers, More as this rumor develops!


Developers are excited…Are You?? It seems as tho…

Developers are excited…Are You??

It seems as though worries of how powerful our Revolution is seem to be disappearing. 3rd party developers are saying that they are absolutely loving the Revolution and especially the controller. We all knew that it was going to be great, but it’s definitely nice to hear it from the mouths of those developing games for it. Another positive is that the system is easy to develop for and is inexpensive. The system itself is rumored to be around $150-$200. As mentioned before, we will be able to buy a Revolution, probably 2 or 3 games, and an extra controller for the same price of other new-gen systems. Everyone wins in the situation. The Revolution cant come fast enough guys and gals! What games do you guys want to see for the system?


9-1-2006 Zelda Release? Real info on release date…

9-1-2006 Zelda Release?

Real info on release dates is hard to come by. Delays, rumors, speculation and everything in between have plagued the triumphant return of our hero Link. Nintendo fans have been waiting for Zelda Twilight Princess like its the second coming. A game that will for sure give us Nintendo fans reason to brag. You’re waiting for it. I’m waiting for it. Everyone is waiting for it. So when is IT coming?

Well September 1, 2006 seems to be the new date now. We all knew that it was probably going to be coming in the fall (Reggie on spike TV) and my source tells me September 1st. From there I did some more research and found out that a major retailer is listing the game to come out on September 1st also. We will keep you posted on any new details surrounding Zelda Twilight Princess. September seems like so far away….Game ON!

Interesting article I was surfing the internet tr…

Interesting article

I was surfing the internet tryign to find some news and I came across this. On this AMAZING site, they delve deep into a supporting argument that Nintendo is planning on some 3-D projection with their next home console. Only time will tell gamers and we wont know for sure until E3, when the revolution is finally revealed in its entirety. Head over there for an interesting read and let them know what you think.

News Re-Cap There has been a TON of news lately so…

News Re-Cap

There has been a TON of news lately so I decided to write a quick post to cover it all. It has been hard to post everything that comes down the pipe line so thanks for bearing with me. I have been working on some things for the website while trying to keep you readers informed on all things related to Nintendo. Big things are in the works for the site so keep posted. Also- Let me know what changes YOU would like to see. E-mail me or post a comment. I would like to hear some feedback. Anyhow- here’s a quick recap:

-Reggie Fils-Aime was on spike TV the other day and discussed some of Nintendo’s upcoming plans. (Mainly redesign on DS and some zelda tidbits). Nothing huge but still cool to see Reggie on TV.

-For those who do not know, things aren’t looking too good for our “friends” at SONY. Talks of delays and price have been swirling in a downward motion for them lately. Price of the system will be near the price of a small country and we might see an eventual delay of the system. This bodes well for the Big N because we all know the price of a revolution will be much cheaper than the price of a upgraded DVD player. Note to gamers- you will be able to buy a Nintendo Revolution System, another controller, and probably 2 games and some retro games FOR THE SAME PRICE as a PS3 unit…. Think about that when it comes time to buy.

-DS Lite will be released in Japan in March with an announcement of an American release soon. My guess-May. We’ll keep you posted.

-DS will become more of a multi-media device. The innovative handheld will become a web browser and a portable TV. It will launch in Japan first then hopefully come here in the States.

-Free MARIO! Keep in mind that Super Princess Peach will be releasing this week. This cool new platform stars the ever so popular, princess peach. The roles have turned and Mario now is captured. You take on the role of Princess Peach in order to save Mario.

A mouth full! More to come, keep it here! E-mail me with your thoughts/ideas on what you want to see! Game ON!

Reggie Recap For all those who missed it, our frie…

Reggie Recap

For all those who missed it, our friend Reggie was on spike TV last night. The show was on pretty late, so I decided to DVR it. A couple of quotes that I found interesting on last nights show were; Zelda will be launching in the “fall”. So much for a “early 2006” release huh?
Reggie also stated that the current version of the DS will eventually be phased out in favor of the new DS lite. He states that the current DS will continue to be sold but come August we might be only seeing Lite. He also stated that the DS Lite would be available in different colors. Black and white maybe???
When asked about when Nintendo will launch the Revolution, Reggie just smiled and said “Talk to me May 9th”. As we all know, E3 will be held in the beginning of May and thus we will find out all details that are Revolution. Will Nintendo release this thanksgiving, or will they pull a surprise launch very reminiscent of apple’s ipod nano? I am very excited about this May! Stay Tuned and Game ON!