Bob Ross Game Official? I have been very reluctant…

Bob Ross Game Official?

I have been very reluctant to post this news but apparently there is a Bob Ross game in development for Nintendo’s Revolution. For those who don’t know, Bob Ross was a famous painter that has passed away. If those bodes to be true, this would definitely be a true innovation in the gaming community. Not since Mario Paint have we seen this “type” of game. Again- with all of the April Fools jokes that are for sure going to be going around, I was reluctant to post this story. Thanks to the good guys over at gonintendo for the confirmation. Why do I suddenly want this game real bad?

Sony to Copy Nintendo AGAIN! Sony computer enterta…

Sony to Copy Nintendo AGAIN!

Sony computer entertainment cannot come up with their own original idea or innovation to save their lives. First-A blatant rip-off of Nintendogs will be nosing its way onto the PSP by years end; now, Sony has stated that they too will do a “brain training” game and it will come out on PSP. Come on now this is getting out of hand! What’s next Super Maria Sisters? Hold your head up high SONY, you are a true innovator when it comes to handhelds. Thanks DS for original, innovative, and amazing games.


Tomb Raider Gamecube Bound? Crystal Dynamics-deve…

Tomb Raider Gamecube Bound?

Crystal Dynamics-developed Tomb Raider Legend has been confirmed by Eidos in its interim financial report as coming to the GameCube, Nintendo DS AND Game Boy Advance later in summer 2006 after its intial 7th April European launch on other home consoles. Gamecube might still have some life left in it after all. Thanks Crystal Dynamics.


April Fools Jokes; Not Here Ever here some really …

April Fools Jokes; Not Here

Ever here some really juicy rumor and run and tell all of your friends that what is coming out is going to blow all other systems away. Ever have that day where you think you got some really great news then later find out that the hot new video game news that you just heard was a mere April Fools joke designed to get your hopes up? I am just writing to you to tell you that this site will not be playing any April fools jokes this year. That might disappoint some, but I never want to deliberately give wrong information, no matter what day it is. I am dedicated to giving you guys all the facts and speculation and not to get your hopes up for false information. (Trust me I will be playing enough jokes on everyone else). So keep it here for April fool-less updates today and tomorrow. Game ON and thanks for stopping by!

Revolution Specs Ign has posted possible revolutio…

Revolution Specs

Ign has posted possible revolution specs. Here is a comparison of what they posted and actual numbers from different systems;


Revolution: 729 MHz
GameCube: 485 MHz
XBox: 733 MHz
XBox 360: 3.2 GHz

Revolution: 243 MHz
GameCube: 162 MHz
XBox: 233 MHz
In addition, “Hollywood” chip includes GPU, DSP, I/O Bridge, and 3 MBs of texture memory. The GPU is not expected to feature added shader features.
Overall System Memory:

Revolution: 88 MBs RAM (24 MBs of main 1T-SRAM and 64 MBs of external 1T-SRAM)
GameCube: 40 MBs RAM
XBox: 64 MBs RAM
XBox 360: 512 MBs RAM
Playstation 3: 512 MBs RAM

It’s exactly what Nintendo has been saying all along. They are not going to push the envelope with “processing power”. They are going to innovate the gameplay not the graphics. Besides-looking at zelda twilight princess and imagining 2-3 times more powerful than that means AMAZING graphics.

Revolution Games SOON! Keep it here gamers. Soon,…

Revolution Games SOON!

Keep it here gamers. Soon, real soon, we will hear something. Numerous websites have declared that we will be hearing more and more about games and our beloved system itself. It looks like its going to be happening sooner rather than later. Keep it here guys and gals. Our Revolution is almost here!
Ign,Gonintendo, and nintendo-revolution.blogspot, have all CONFIRMED this.

Twlight Surpsires Web site HM-Fusion posted an int…

Twlight Surpsires

Web site HM-Fusion posted an interview conducted at the recent Game Developers Conference with Eiji Anonuma, producer of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, where he talks about the game’s secret relationship to Nintendo’s next-generation console, code-named Revolution.

When asked if the extra year of production on Twilight Princess had anything to do with support for Revolution’s freestyle controller, Aonuma responded that the game “will be utilising the Revolution hardware, although not in a way many will expect.” Nintendo has mentioned that other secrets about Revolution have yet to be revealed, with Aonuma’s comment suggesting that Twilight Princess might utilize one of these mysterious functions. E3 is almost a month out and it cannot come fast enough. Your thoughts? What is this mysterious new feature that could be featued in Nintendo’s 5th console?

The above story was taken from the great guys at Thanks and Game ON!