Gamecube Price Drop Soon? The headline says it all…

Gamecube Price Drop Soon?

The headline says it all guys. Rumors are now circulating the internet about a possible price drop for Nintendo’s Gamecube. Earlier this week, the PS2 dropped to 129.99. Nintendo may respond to SONY’S recent actions and drop the price of their 4th home console. We’ll keep you updated as always.

Super Monkey Ball at Launch? In an interview with…

Super Monkey Ball at Launch?

In an interview with IGN, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Game Producer Toshihiro Nagoshi discussed details about the exclusive Wii title, including the team’s push to ready the game for the launch of Nintendo’s next console.

Nagoshi states, “We are trying to release this title as a launch title. With all the possible ways to control AiAi and friends, this will be a must have title to go with anyone’s purchase of the Revolution.”

Nagoshi noted the development team is working to utilize the full functionality of Wii. He mentioned twirling and flicking, among other actions, as ways the controller will be used while playing.

Although the game won’t incorporate a story mode like previous titles in the series, Banana Blitz will host the “most extensive variety of mini-games ever in the Monkey series,” according to Nagoshi. In addition, all characters from past Monkey Ball games will be playable in this Wii version. For me the best part of the monkey ball series was all the insane action that was found in the mini games. We used to always play 4 player monkey fight and have a absolute blast with the mini game.

The bad news; Nagoshi confirmed that Banana Blitz will not have online modes. He did not comment on potential offline multiplayer modes.

Visually, Nagoshi said with this Wii title “there are some differences due to new memory and some new functions,” in comparison to the GameCube Monkey Ball titles. Also, Banana Blitz will allow for progressive scan and 16×9 widescreen. The Wii launch is starting to tale shape and it looks to be great. I have already started to save money for Nintendo’s 5th entry into the console wars. More as it develops.

Videogame Art I love video games. My other passio…

Videogame Art

I love video games. My other passion is also art. When you combine the two, in my opinion, you get crazy delicious. I love when artists use their amazing talent and portray their favorite video game characters in a painting or a simple drawing.

While surfing the net, kotaku referred me to this site in which the artist has depictions of Waluigi and Link. Go check it out and let me know what you think. If any readers out their have their own creations, e-mail me and maybe I will post your work up on the site. I would love to see what you guys can do. Thanks for stopping by! I will be updating all day so be sure to check back.

Racing Title Coming to Wii It looks like Nintendo…

Racing Title Coming to Wii

It looks like Nintendo Wii will be seeing a racing title. Earlier today, our man Reggie was in attendance at the Nintendo world store. According to, Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales Reggie Fils-Aime’s revealed that the company is planning a racing title for E3.

“I’m going to give one little secret,” Fils-Aime said. “Only one little secret, and hopefully I won’t lose my job. We’re going to show a racing game at E3 where you use the core controller in a very different way. That will answer all the questions to how you’ll play a racing game.”

I am starting to love the vague quotes that the higher ups of Nintendo have been giving their fans. They have made us wait long enough and now we are starting to get a steady flow of information. Will this racing title be from Nintendo or a 3rd party developer? Mark this one down as another quality title for “Wii”. More as it develops.


Wii is the Talk of the Town Everyone is talking ab…

Wii is the Talk of the Town

Everyone is talking about Wii. Honestly, it has grown on me. Remember when you first heard “ipod”? Probably not because now it is a household name and the word ipod has become synonymous with MP3 player. The name, like I said, is growing on me. It will still take some getting used to telling people I am going to go play Wii. I have talked to everyone under the sun about the new name and one thing is for sure, the name sure is different. Nintendo definitely knows how to get people talking. Like it or not, the name will stay. What better way to generate hype for your new machine then to get everyone talking about it. I think that this whole name change thing was a very intricate part in Nintendo’s broad strategy. Have you noticed just how much coverage that Wii have created? All message boards, all websites, and all gamers are now talking about this innovative yet different name.

Some call it stupid. Some are calling it cool. Some are just downright confused. One thing is for sure, EVERYONE (Ign, Go Nintendo, CNN, Gamespot, ABC, Game Informer and every other blog in America) has us talking. Nintendo knows what they’re doing gamers. Think about it…..Was there any other way to generate this much hype? Game ON Nintendo. We cannot wait until E3.

UpdateKotaku is now reporting that the name “Wii” may in fact change. They are suggesting that Nintendo is “punking” us all and the new name will be released at E3. Nintendo has not trademarked the bizarre name and something is said to be shown at this years E3. Consider this a rumor!and we will keep you updated.**

New Sadness Details -Sadness is not a codename, i…

New Sadness Details

-Sadness is not a codename, it’s the final title of the game
-The game takes place before World War I, so slightly before 1914
-The game style will not be similar to Sin City, it will not resemble a comic book
-The game is a bit of a tribute to pre-WWI film and will have a similar atmosphere
-The story takes place in a Slavic country that will be revealed soon
-Raid Over the River is on hold until Sadness is complete
-There will be no colour version, the greyscale is to put a certain mood in the game
-A movie studio has contacted the team about a movie but nothing has been agreed upon
-If there is a movie, it will be out until at least 2 years after the game

The game is sounding great and I cannot wait to see it in action! Are Wii excited? Game ON!


Concept Art for Konami’s Revolution title Here is…

Concept Art for Konami’s Revolution title

Here is the first concept art for Konami’s upcoming title named elebits. Elebits will be at E3 and is rumored to be Konami’s answer to Nintendo’s own Pikmin. Will Nintendo show their next incarnation of Pikmin at the big show, or will Konami’s title satisfy us? E3 is upon us. Are Wii ready?