Build a City on Your DS I have said it before and …

Build a City on Your DS

I have said it before and I will say it again; is there anything that the DS can’t do? Ever since its debut, the Nintendo DS has brought us a staggering amount of titles that cover all kinds of genres for gamers. The infamous Sim City will now be added to that list of hits. In case you missed the announcement, the popular Sim City franchise will soon be coming to everyone’s favorite handheld later this year in Japan. The title boosts Nintendo DS lineup of great software titles and will be welcomed with open arms when it comes out here in the states.

The touch screen control for the title will no doubt help it to stand out, and should bode very well for the innovative DS. Look for more of an official announcement soon. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my DS?


Wii Info Friday?!?!?! Quick Update: Hey guys accor…

Wii Info Friday?!?!?!

Quick Update: Hey guys according to clubskill, we may be getting more information on Nintendo’s mysterious console Wii, as early as THIS FRIDAY! They back up their argument by stating that “Official Nintendo Magazines” will be coming out that day that contain exclusive information on Wii. As always keep it here and we will be sure to update a ton if something is announced. Game ON!

The Wait is Almost Over The wait is almost over ga…

The Wait is Almost Over

The wait is almost over gamers. Our revolution is upon us. In a mere 2 weeks, we will know more about Nintendo’s innovative 5th console Wii. We will be there. You will be there. Mario, Zelda, Wario and Metroid will be there. I have had a tingling feeling, like a kid on Christmas day, about Wii. The system will truly be an innovation in technology and change the way we play games forever.

September 14th ladies and gentleman. Mark it down in your calendars. This seems like the next time we will gain more insight on Wii. Nintendo will be holding a “party” of sorts and all the major players will be there. We will, as always, be here with a smile on our face, bringing you all the juicy details. Sit tight gamers, the wait is almost over. Game ON!

No Multiplayer for Red Steel, Speaker Support Conf…

No Multiplayer for Red Steel, Speaker Support Confirmed

In a recent interview with Nintendo of Europe, Red Steel’s Head honcho, Stephanie Langlois confirmed the Wii exclusive launch title will utilize the innovative Wii Remote’s speaker, but sadly not Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This comes as no surprise due to ealier reports of no 3rd party online support for Nintendo Wii until 2007.

When questioned about Red Steel’s multiplayer mode, Langlois replied, “It’s tough to discuss multiplayer in detail as it’s still a secret but there will be four-player split screen, but no LAN. Online will maybe one day be announced by Nintendo but it won’t be for the launch [of Red Steel]. In terms of gameplay I can’t reveal anything really but what I can say is that internally we are making tons of tests.”

Regarding the speaker portion of the title, Langlois states it will be “used in single player and multiplayer.” For instance, players will hear a sound from the speaker when their sword clashes against an object. Langlois also noted that while the aforementioned example is rather simple, players will discover a “more complex use” later in the game. Speclation will now commence.


Exciting Site News! Just shooting you guys a quick…

Exciting Site News!

Just shooting you guys a quick post letting you know what’s going on in the world of Gameonrevolution. Today (Tuesday), we added a brand new poll and can’t wait to see your results. The poll is a simple question; Which color will your Wii be this year?

Another update that I would like to talk to you about is the addition of podcasts! Podcasts are coming and the preliminary one will be up and running soon. I have been tinkering a bit with garage band on the MAC and will be recording our first ever show! I am truly excited about it so look forward to that in the near future.

One last thing- If you always come to the site and love video games, why not write for us! That’s right gamers, WE WANT YOU. Currently we are looking for anyone with a passion for video games and who can update regularly. All you have to do is shoot me an email (, and let us know why you are the man or women for the job. Thanks for stopping by gamers! Game ON!