Wii to Have Only 1 Friend Code!! For all of those …

Wii to Have Only 1 Friend Code!!

For all of those who are plagued by the Nintendo DS “wonderful” friend codes listen up: there will be no individual friend codes for games on the Wii!

Nintendo Europe has confirmed on their Wii mini-site that the Wii won’t have specific friend codes for gamers to connect titles online. The fact the DS has separate codes for each game has caused gamers to have a mass confusion as to which codes went to what games.

The fact Nintendo has chosen this style of online networking has us all filled with glee and will be welcomed with open arms come November.

New Wii Impressions! UPDATES BELOW! Quick Update:…

New Wii Impressions! UPDATES BELOW!

Quick Update: As most of you know, I have friends that work in the industry and they have a big conference in Dallas Texas going on as you read this story. I got a call this morning and I am happy to report some impressions from my buddies who are in attendance. Thanks to Sucka for the following reports:

This morning Ubi-Soft demonstrated Rayman Raving Rabbids and it is said to be spectacular! Keep in mind this is coming from someone who originally was not going to purchase the title. He stated that Rayman was very polished and looks like it’s going to be an absolute blast to play. This title is going to be a “must have” come November 19th.

Next up- Red Steel. Simply put, it looks great, it plays great and it’s going to be a good buy come launch day. He was happy with glee when he played this quality title and said that the game is really good.

Thirdly Zelda. No words can describe how this game is going to be. Zelda Twilight Princess is pure Nirvana!

More impressions and updates from the conference will be coming down the pipeline so keep it here gamers! Mario is on display (but he hadn’t played it yet), Excite Truck and many others will be available for them to test out.

UPDATE #1- Rayman seems to be a HUGE hit. My other friend who is in no way, shape, or form interested in platform games was extremely impressed by Rayman. He said that even though the graphics look like high end Gamecube stuff, the system was a blast to play.