Huge Wii News!!! Do you want to find out how many …

Huge Wii News!!!

Do you want to find out how many Wii’s will be coming to your local Wal Mart? Well apparently now you can. According to the story below you can now print up a bar code and scan the code at your local Wal Mart and the scanner will tell you how many of the system that they will be getting. Here is the story:

This just popped up at digg. Someone had the glorious idea to find the UPC barcodes for the Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Wii. You can print out the code and try to have a Wal-mart employee scan it for you at your local store. The Wal-mart inventory system should then tell how many Sony PS3 consoles (story on digg) or Nintendo Wii (story on digg) consoles the store gets.

There are some comments in the discussion thread that confirm that this works, but it is actually against store policy to reveal that information to a customer. You need possibly do some social hacking.

If someone does this, please let me know if it works! Huge props to the Yellow Dart for the info.

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Rayman Preview As we approach the launch of Ninten…

Rayman Preview

As we approach the launch of Nintendo forthcoming console Wii, reader Mitch was nice enough to write up a preview of one of the many launch titles; Rayman Raving Rabbids. Huge props to Mitch for the post and I hope you enjoy!:

Rayman Raving Rabbids Preview

Rayman returns once again and embarks on his funniest and craziest adventure. A devastating invasion of uncontrollable rabbits threatens the world of Rayman and is forced to stand up against the psychotic bunnies by an all new arsenal of abilities along with the helping hands of some magical creatures. Rayman Raving Rabbids is considered to be the greatest game yet in the series and show how Nintendos innovative new controller can be used. According to Ubisoft this awesome game features more than 70 mini games that Rayman must beat in order to defeat the rabbits. This game will be available at launch and will truly show the innovation of the wii-mote and is being deemed as the most enjoyable wii game at launch!

New Super Smash Bros. Brawl Trailer on the Way? A…

New Super Smash Bros. Brawl Trailer on the Way?

Any news about Super Smash Bros. is good news. For all of those who are patiently awaiting a new trailer, you may not have to wait much longer. According to sources, a new trailer for the game may be released as early as this Friday! It is then when we also may see a brand spankin new character for the game (who ever could it be??) As always, keep it here gamers and we will keep you updated.

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Gameonrevolution Podcast #3 Done. It is 2:00 am …

Gameonrevolution Podcast #3

Done. It is 2:00 am where I am as of right now and we are finally done recording the podcast. will be up on itunes tomorrow so keep a look out for that. All you need to do is look us up on itunes under podcasts and type in Gameonrevolution.

-In our wonderful 3rd webisode, we talk about preorders, Wii Kiosk etiquette, Zelda, Wii advertisements, The final Wii secret and Pokemon. Please enjoy the show and let us know what you think.

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Proper Wii Kiosk Etiquette We all know in just a m…

Proper Wii Kiosk Etiquette

We all know in just a matter of weeks we will be playing Wii in our very own living rooms. Good times are for sure to ensue, but what about before the Wii makes its official debut. How should we play a Wii kiosk demo unit in stores? Well gamers, we have it all figured out. Simply follow the rules below and you should be well on your way to playing the Wii kiosk unit the way you were meant to:

Rules for Wii Kiosk Units:
1). Have fun!! Simple rule to start things off but Nintendo Wii is going to be a fun and entertaining system; be sure to have tons of fun.
2). Watch out for flailing body parts!! People are for sure going to get into the Wii games so be sure to give yourself a healthy distance between you and the player. A good 5 feet is recommended but 3.5 feet is also acceptable.
3). Don’t get knocked out. This rule goes hand in hand with rule #2, but to save yourself the embarrassment (and much needed Wii playing time) DO NOT GET KNOCKED OUT! Instead, if Bobby swing wiimote decides to come at you like it’s his job, do a matrix style move and steer clear. Your time will come my young Jedi.
4). Eat a lot of sugar to get your system up and running for the fun that is about to happen.
5). Do not bring your significant other to the event! You are going to want to spend quality time with your new found love and your “other half” may ruin that with a undeniable sale down the road or in the store.
6). Wait patiently…..You’ll get your chance to play.
7). Line wrapping- it may be best to shape the line in such a way to create a “pocket” around the current player to protect them from flying fits of rage from disappointed Playstation 3 players who were unable to purchase their system of choice.
8). Game ON!

One Wii Little Secret Left? Huge props to Metaldav…

One Wii Little Secret Left?

Huge props to Metaldave for this news story!!! Below is a quote taken from a recent Q and A with Gamepro magazine. It seems as though our Wii may be hiding one more secret…..

Q I recently went into a GameStop store to see if they had a Wii Kiosk and pick up the new Splinter Cell. While I was in there, I began to discuss the Wii system with the manager of the store. He explained Nintendo recently held a GameStop Managers kind of meet and greet for the Wii, with Reggie present. He also said Reggie announced their is still one more big secret left on the Wii, which will be revealed around launch. I called another store and the manager there said Reggie did in fact say such a thing. My question is have you heard any of this? Do you have any speculation as to what it may be? I have heard it is potentially a graphics solution or a camera attachment.

A: Wow, you’re up on your stuff. I can confirm that there was a GameStop retreat and Reggie did in fact say there will be another big Wii revelation around launch time.

My Thoughts:
Online. I personally think that the big secret will have something to do with their online component of the Nintendo Wii. The online part of Wii still remains much of a mystery and seems to be a logical choice for the “secret”.

My next guess: a new game has been in development for Wii and will be a HUGE surprise for gamers everywhere. Couple this with the recent rumors of Sega having a Wii title in development and we may have our secret. Let the speculation resume. As always I will be following this as it unfolds so keep it here. Game ON!

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New Pokemon Wii Screens! What a great way to start…

New Pokemon Wii Screens!

What a great way to start the week off. Check out the newly released screens of Nintendo’s Pokemon title for the Nintendo Wii. One word comes to mind while viewing these: “impressive!” I cannot wait to see this title on motion. Matter of fact, click here and check out 4 new movies of this one in motion!

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Wii Channel Update! This just in: It appears as th…

Wii Channel Update!

This just in: It appears as though CNN will be feeding the Wii news channel. Edge Magazine have announced that CNN has signed up with Nintendo as the provider of news content on the Wii News Channel in American and Japan. I could definitely see parents and kids alike making great use of the channel and in my opinion will give Nintendo a great hand in the next generation console wars. Wii will be launch in a could of weeks so stay tuned gamers. Wii are almost there.

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