Mushroom Men officially announced for Wii

Gamecock and Red Fly Studio have officially announced that Mushroom Men is headed to a Wii near you. The game is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2008. The game will let players create weapons in a ?backyard battlefield? as you team up with ?sentient? plant forms to blast away against enemies. Sounds like a winner to me. More to come…

The beginning of an awesome summer

“Many people in the industry and around here like to look at companies? and developers? past efforts to predict how future games might end up. While there is certainly no reason to think that such comparisons will always yield the expected results, there is definitely some merit at looking at the past to predict the future. Whether that is taking something that worked and perfecting it or learning what failed miserably and doing away with it, developers can learn much from their past efforts. That is the point of this thread: to compare two Wii games and predict the future of the one yet to be released.”

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