Red Steel 2 officially announced

Ubisoft has finally confirmed what we?ve known for a long time now. Red Steel 2 is indeed in the works and will be coming to a Wii near you. It is said that Ubisoft will be completely reworking the sword fighting this time around, which will hopefully result in a much more engaging system.

A sequel was inevitable to this game seeing that the first one sold so well. Let’s hope they implement online play. More details as it develops.

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New Wii Channel

The good guys over at GoNintendo had this to report regarding the newly soon to be announced Wii channel:

None other than Reggie Fils-Aime disclosed the first information on WiiWare, the original downloadable content we?ve all been talking about. While we won?t be seeing this new channel take off until next year, we finally have some concrete details.

While the channel name is yet to be announced, WiiWare is what the games are curently being called. Nintendo has stated that they are looking for content from all walks, from big name developers to the indie crowd. All pricing will be determined on a game by game basis.

Look for something more official later today. I couldn’t be more excited!

Crash is Back!

Well gamers, it looks like the crazy mascot Crash Bandicot is finally making a triumphant return and will be heading to a Nintendo Wii near you. After watching this trailer, I can safely say that this title has moved up on my ever growing list of games to purchase for Wii.

The art style of the title is colorful and vibrant and the graphics look reminiscent of World of Warcraft if you ask me. Enjoy the clip.

What do you guys think? Does Crash need to hang in the towel, or will you welcome this one with open arms? (Make sure you check out the trailer before passing judgment)

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Game On Nintendo Podcast #21…..Game On TV Coming Soon….

Ok gamers our 21st show is in the books! We had a crazy show this week so make sure you listen. 2 new guest speakers debuted tonight as well as a massive review by Olimar25. Manhunt 2 and Phantom Hour glass were discussed to check it out! Click here and have a listen.

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New Releases This Week!

Here is a list of what you will be able to find this week for all of your awesome Nintendo systems! What are you getting?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Pokemon Battle Revolution
The Bigs
Chicken Shoot
Driver: Parallel Lines
Transformers: The Game

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Touchmaster DS
Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth Remix
Nervous Brickdown
Vegas Casino High 5!
Professor Brainium?s Games
Rafa Nadal Tennis