Wii Game Sales Worldwide Update

Here are the #1 selling titles for Nintendo Wii for this week:

North America: 1. Carnival Games (Global Star), 2. Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party (Konami), 3. Wii Play (Nintendo), 4. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Nintendo), 5. Mario Party 8 (Nintendo).

Japan: 1. Boku to Sim no Machi (EA Games), 2. Mario Strikers Charged (Nintendo), 3. Wii Sports (Nintendo), 4. Mario Party 8 (Nintendo), 5. Hajimete no Wii (Nintendo).

UK: 1. FIFA 08 (EA Games), 2. Super Paper Mario (Nintendo), 3. MySims (EA Games), 4. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (EA Sports), 5. Big Brain Academy for Wii (Nintendo).

**Don’t forget to tune into Game On TV Tonight! Last week we discussed our new contest and this week should be another great episode (Kmaxx is back from VEGAS!). If you missed any episodes, click here and check them out!**

Advance Wars 2 Info

Get ready gamers, Advance Wars 2 is headed our way! Here are some big changes:

– Game has an entirely new crew.
– “realistic” graphical approach taken, no more cartoon-like visuals
– new combat animations
– Bike infantry unit added

I love the decision to go with a more realistic graphical approach as I feel that it will give the game a more serious tone and actually help sales (not that it needed any) here in the States. What do you guys think?


Mario & Sonic Events List

Sega has revealed that Mario & Sonic at the Olympics will feature a staggering twenty events. Here they are:

Fencing – Individual
Shooting – Skeet
Gymnastics – Trampoline
Gymnastics – Vault
Field – High Jump
Field – Pole Vault
Field – Long Jump
Field – Triple Jump
Field – Javelin Throw
Field – Hammer Throw
Rowing – Single Sculls
Table Tennis – Singles
Aquatics – 100m Freestyle
Aquatics – 4×100m Freestyle
Track – 110m and 400m Hurdles
Track – 4×100m Relay
Track –100m and 400m

Bioshock to Wii?

Get ready gamers!! Apparently according to analyst Mike Hickey of Janco Partners, Take-Two is considering to expand its Bioshock ‘series’, which will likely include editions of the game coming to Wii, PS3 and even handhelds by the fiscal year 2009.

Given the success this game has seen, branching out on other consoles is a no brainer; I am just really excited it may show up on Wii.


New Battalion Wars 2 Screens

I know this may seem like a lot but I hope you guys enjoy the following screens of Nintendo’s own Battalion Wars 2. Who else plans on getting this title upon release? I am sure that number would double if it had voice chat!

Nintendo Power Reviews

Below are the latest reviews from Nintendo Power:

DDR: Hottest Party – 8.0
FIFA 08 – 8.0
Tiger Woods – 8.0
Dewy’s Adventure – 7.0
MySims – 7.0
Crash of the Titans – 6.5
Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast – 6.5
Mercury Meltdown Revolution – 6.0
Looney Tunes – 3.5
Zelda: Phantom Hour Glass – 9.5

Anyone getting any of these titles?