Final Roster Revealed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

If the following screens are true gamers, be prepared to be blown away. As if we needed any more reason to feed our need for this game how about 44 of them! 44 looks to be the magic number of characters playable in the new Smash Bros. Brawl, although none of the screens are confirmed as of this point.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is going to be the pinnacle of what the Wii can truly do and is on everyone’s most wanted list. For now enjoy the RUMORED screens and I will keep you updated if anything changes gamers. March seems so far away now doesn’t it? - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!


  1. Come now GameOn……that seems extremely……well, to me it looks incredibly fake. In fact, I’ve been seeing rosters like that for at least a year and a half. I mean, they fuse the Brawl character artwork with 2D models of unconfirmed characters and give off a kind of unfinished look.

    Regardless, I’d consider these huge spoilers if true.

    Although I will agree that March is definitely farthre and farther away with each passing day.

  2. Regardless of whether it’s fake or not…If that was the real roster, I’d be pretty satisfied…Gosh I really hope Krystal is in the game…That would be very nice….*nods*

  3. Looks fake to me too. If you look closely, instead of being named Bowser, his name is Koopa. And why would they have English names when everything else is japanese? Also I believe it was stated on the official site that Ness would NOT be in this game. I still hope Luigi is tho.

  4. I’ll have to admit the bottom screen looks fake but the top one (the one with the TV screen) looks pretty believable if you ask me. Regardless, I will keep my ear to the ground and try to find every last bit of info. for all of you.

  5. I have to admit the bottom screen looks questionable but the main screen with the TV looks pretty realistic to me. I just can’t believe they push this game back again I am starting to think that they will never release it.

  6. Sorry, this is fake. And if you say that the top screen is proof, they simply made a png/jpeg/gif and put it up on Photo Channel. And had either drew a hand on the picture or use the cursor of the Wii in the photo.

  7. Fake. Without a doubt.

    All the confirmed characters’ pictures are the new models released on the official Smash Bros website, but the others are just taken from other games. And the TV one isn’t any more convincing. They just put that image on their TV and took a picture of it, possibly with the Photo Channel.

  8. @Sipp Deville,
    Bowsers name in Japan is Koopa
    Get with de facts
    anyways i suspect this is fake, though I would very much like it to be true

  9. If the characters all have their own in-game art, wouldn’t Michaiah have her own? Because the picture of her in the roster is exactly the same one in Radiant Dawn.

  10. Oh geez. It’s not only not real, it’s not even a real fake! This roster image was created by a poster on Brawl Central specifically to prove that the video footage of the supposed starting line-up could have been faked. Guess someone thought it would be funny to steal it and pretend that it was real.

  11. Wow.. I’ve never seen half of these people.. You guys should definitely come check out the forums and meet all of us other GameOn-ers! =)

  12. ya i doubt this is real, i haven’t played metroid prime 3 before, but from the looks of it, dark samus (or whatever that dark looking samus’ name is) would probably play exactly like regular samus, and while thats true for a lot of characters, i doubt that they’d include her/him.
    and windwaker/PH link seems like a dumb idea to me.
    if it was real tho, it’d be pretty awesome cus thats a lot of people!!

  13. Yup I can tell you this is fake with numerous reasons:
    a) The original image is the character select screen taken from the post about ‘With Anyone/Basic Brawl’ online play.
    b) The official icons have a white border around them, which those who have not been shown on the character select screen so far do not.
    c) Pretty much all the non-announced characters have had their icons made from other game’s artwork. (eg. Falcon’s icon is from the F-Zero GX boxart)
    d) Cel shaded link would actually look somewhat 3d, and not be represented by 2D artwork.
    e) All the text is pixellated to Hades

  14. Well most of the characters look fake mostly because there using pics form previous games (exemple bowser jr, young link,) however, lucario has been confirm to be a character by many sites and the pic shown here also appears on a special screenshot on the site so I don´t about the rest but lucario and giglipuff are both 90% confirm characters for the brawl

  15. Its so obvious its a fake. The TV pic is just a shot of the same roster below, just show the png on ur TV like via DVD or whatever and take a photo – not hard.

    And the roster pic has 2D pictures in lol? Mewtwo is 2D yet the rest of the pokemon arnt, 2 of the Fire Emblem characters are 2D yet Ike is 3D? Mini Bowser is first on the list? Infront of mario!? Wouldnt he be next to bowser? Oh and the selection screen doesnt look impressive at all.

    Not a bad fake, but they could have atleast tried putting 3D character images in.

  16. Its real ppl. Because Jigglypuff, Ness, and Lucario were just recently announced to be playable in the game. This big roster is the reason its being delayed. I cant wait.

  17. This is fake… Young Link’s pic is a dead giveaway and the only necessary evidence. There’s no way the designers would put him in there with a 2d photo from the cover of minish cap.

  18. if you’ve been paying attention to Whobby (an event in which a playable brawl demo was at) then you’d know that ashley was in the background of the wario ware stage.

    this is fake.

  19. Ok, first of all this is totally fake. See, why would Dark Samus be in the game, when samus is already in it. I mean what else could she do??? And I highly doubt they’d bring marth back when they already have Ike. And lastly, Ridley…….no. He’s just too big to be a playable character. Maybe he will be in, only as a boss like raquazza and petey pirahna.

    the only thing that is real is jiggs, lucario and ness!!!

  20. The Dojo site explains that there will be secret characters to unlock via Subspace Emissory playthrough…but then again it could be all the characters unlocked…hmm

  21. I don’t care how much this is fake or not…….33 char. on screen 44 playable? they at least need to do a little math … sure its fake…..but w/e it does”t really matter…..what matters is that they need to release this game SOON and not push it back again….i don’t care who is in the roster i already know its an awesome roster and im gonna play the living hell outta this game …..

    for those of you who have done you research and know whats up kudos!!

    (fake as hell)

  22. i guess i need to do the math lol…..corrected myself on this on so none of you assholes can burn me lol

    still fake

  23. ok, this is clearly fake.
    2D pictures??????
    C’mon, at least TRY to make it look real.

    Also for all you non-Metroid playersm Dark Samus is completely different from Samus. She uses phazon, she is heavier , and all of her attacks could be from the metriod games(b-phazon cannon, b sideways- phazon puddle, b up- phazon boost, shoors upward with a blast of phazon, b down- phazon blast, creates barrior, around self, chargeable, it spreads out, more charge more distance)

    And others have made excellent attacks for Dark Samus(myn are kinda crappy).

  24. this guy chould have forund the picture on the internet(the bottom pic) and opened it on the internet channel on his wii making it on the TV

  25. but it does really luk fake but iznt that the bestest roster in any game i mean come on 44 characters but is doel luk fake stupid 2D pics

  26. I think it is fake 2d pics this guy is a hacker but Lucario, ness, and jigglypuff are playable if you watched the video provided by a link King K. get real! Ashely, FUCK NO! MArch 9 cant wait

  27. Whoever made this is definitely a complete idiot. Sakurai explicitly stated that Mr. Game & Watch would not make an appearance in Brawl. It’s from the earliest official interview. Gah! I’m surrounded by idiots.

  28. Ha, Ha ,fake!

    my friend beta tested the game, and at risk of being fired posted the real full Beta roster on some website with like 36 members, but it got some right
    WOLF (star fox)
    KRYSTAL (star fox)
    CARTOON LINK (Link, and cartoon form both have a shadow link costume, it giggle when he taunts) (Replaces kid link)
    LUCARIO (Replaces Mewtwo)

    all characters from melee return, except mewtwo and kid link.
    if you don’t belive wait till the game comes out

  29. Wow, what fag made this. Who in their right mind would think that is real at all. Ridley? Give me a break. There are 2-d images representing what is suppose to be 3-d characters in a 3-d game. And some of those images are from other games. If that was real then they would have their own original 3-d image.

  30. for those who are asking who is the person next to Lucas that is Masked Man, otherwise known as Lucas’s dead brother who was reformed as a reformed robot by king pokey in “Mother 3” (Japan release only)

  31. OMG FAKE
    no1 why is jigglypuffs ear stickin out when everyonelses is behind there name

    this is in response to the guys who said ness aint in UR AN IDIOT! DID U NOT SEE THE LEAK!

    no2 fan art ur joking

    no3 fan made 3d rofl

    no4 on the actual roster which can be seen on brawl central (well the starting lineup is) zelda and shiek share a picture!

  32. The thing about these rosters is that they are indeed made on photoshop. BUT the information on them is usually the main feature.

    This roster looks a little less accurate compared to the 35 man roster that has been floating around. A real screenshot of the character select screen with the starting roster (no unlockables) was leaked with the same ordering as the final roster that someone had photoshopped to show which characters and what order they were in. However, where those ones were reliable because on both, the franchises lined up vertically. but on this one they line up horizontally. Meaning this is probably more fake than the 35 man. But we’ll know on march 9th won’t we?

    Also, Ness was never stated to NOT be in, in fact a recent leak on almost, beyond a shadow of a doubt, confirms him.

  33. hey this picture is true??
    in a book is false because darck samus is equal to samus
    and midna isn´t a very charecter.
    mewtwo no come back because he was sustituded for lucario.
    have a movie it shows
    Was removed from the site because they are not official showing two characters hidden
    Sorry I do not speak English very well.
    We must not be misled and wait till the day´s launch of this game.
    ok We still see

  34. That gives me courage ever increasing day by the arrival of this great game
    I hope that no longer change the date because it is too much to expect

  35. come on guys, some of you are saying its 2D ? well if you actually played Super smash brother melee you wouldnt say such a thing and also, why would it be fake ? considering the amount of times weve been told that people are in then out and now this is official, believe what you want but iam beleiving in this one for sure


  36. lol hilarious how every one is saying its fake and how they know its fake because of certain characters. Game trailers just did an interview with nintendo and showed this screen for a few brief seconds. SO it is real…………… its pretty funny how so many say its fake. I dont have to come up with any more reasons why its real. Just wait for the game to come out and you’ll all realize how wrong you are.

  37. It’s fake. Why would they have different graphics for different characters? And they are leaving Ness out and probably a whole lot of others of those. Mainly because, you know, they were CLONE characters.

  38. ok, first of all, the first thing you look for is 3D GRAPHICS D>
    seriously, nintendo wont put random pics, they use the same graphics for the char selection screen, hence ssbm, nobody was 2d, everybody had the same graphics and they looked like their actual characters when you used them
    am i going to be using 2d link? dont think so

  39. Just because it looks like a bad screenshot of a television set, that could very well be someone’s computer monitor with the picture covering the entire screen.

    I don’t think we’ll know for sure what the characters will be until the game comes out in March.

    I can’t imagine that Nintendo is happy about all of these “leaks,” either.

  40. Well first of all it is assumed that no longer would almost certainly have clones in this game and samus with darck samus for my point of view are the same with another color 😛
    Have to wait a week to see that people will take out and in doubt.
    Greetings from Latin America
    I hope that the fighting in Wireless are fun.

  41. look ppl no one will know the final roster tell january 31 maybe longer, depending howlong it takes the japanese ppl to get all of the characters and get a picture of it, so no one should believe anything anyone puts up tell either the japanese gets it or we get it.

  42. They better have Cloud, Megaman and reggie fills-aime in brawl otherwise Im not buying it.
    and some ofthose characters on the list, Ashley? king K? and why are ice climbers still there?

  43. Did anyone notice that Zero suit Samus is not on this roster?

    I guess this one is pretty much fake.

    T.T And I got so excited when I saw Krystal

  44. this is fake, if you take a look at it up close with like photoshop and whatnot you can see the lines of where it was just pasted in from another picture.

  45. Cel Link and Ganondorf (and Duke if you came here from VG-Cats, even if I wish it was truth) gave it away. First, uncle Ganny. The lights are horrible, and the model is the same from TP, SSBB is using new models, that IS NOT Ganondorf final model. And Cel Link, please, I don’t even have to say anything. Nintendo would NEVER put a “sprite” as his portrait, they would probably use a 3D model. Quit it.

  46. marth, luigi, and captain falcon, are definatly going to be on but i am still awaiting midna, ashley, krystal and ganondorf as playable… 🙂

  47. sippdevile.. it’s koopa because in Japan, that’s what they call him by.. as opposed to bowser..

    get your facts straight.

  48. @Mikhal….

    Are you talking about Challenger Approaching Pt.2?

    Because if you are, they showed flashing question marks at the same time, implying that it’s not known if it’s true.

    And @ Ralfo, the official website seems to say that, according to armored Samus’ page, to use Zero Suit Samus, you choose Samus and use your final smash. So she wouldn’t be on the select screen.

  49. This is fake. The hand in the bottom screen is in the exact same position as that on the top, and I’m pretty sure thats a computer monitor. So they just took a picture of the computer with the image open. But I really hope Midna will be a playable character. That’d be SO freaking sweet.

  50. For those of you who have Melée, go to the options menu and change the language to Japanese, then go to a character select menu. Even though everything else is in Japanese, the names are in English (though some of the names are changed, like Bowers to Koopa). This is just the way the game is made and I doubt Brawl would be much different in that respect.

    Anywho, parts look fake, parts look real. However, this was released on the 22nd and Jigglypuff, Ness, Lucario, Marth, C. Falcon, and Luigi have only been confirmed since then, So if this is fake, whoever made it is really good at guessing.

  51. It’s fake, but it does have some interesting choices. As for the Samus/Dark Samus thing: if you ever actually played Metroid Prime 2 or 3 through, you’d know how completely different they are. Ashley from WarioWare? I can’t even think how that would work. Krystal and Wolf? As much as I like them, I can’t see how much different from fox they would be; unless Krystal used her staff. Mewtwo was replaced by Lucario. King K. Rool? Wow, that’s an odd one. No clue how Midna would work on her own. Baby Bowser? Not a bad idea if they use the paint staff, but then again, I don’t think he’ll actually show up. Nintendo told us that Game&Watch would not show up in this one- that’s one dead giveaway. I saw Ness in an actual video, so he’s a possibility. I though C. Falcon was going bye-bye because he was a copy of Ganon; or maybe they just outfitted Ganon with a new set of moves? C. Falcons Rival? Come on… Never heard of Masked Man myself, what is he from? I have actually heard that “Toon Link” was in from a few places, so that is a possibility-probably has a different set of moves than TP Link. And who the heck is that between Diddy and Samus? I can’t read his name: Kulnt or something…
    Anyways- this is fake, some of the characters that were photo shopped in are practically confirmed, but some aren’t.

    I hope they have some more characters like Mega Man (He’s nothing like Samus, play the two games!), BomberMan (Probably as an assist trophy), Chrono from Chrono Trigger, Earthworm Jim, Lemmings (as Assist), Space Invaders Armada (as Assist), and some others that I cant think of at the moment.

  52. Yes it is fake, the final roster is out, there’s going to 35 characters (39 if you count “sub”-characters like sheik and Zero Suit Samus).

    Whoever faked this must have had some inside info, however, as he got some of the things right, including that young Link looks like a cartoon (he’s even called Toon Link in the English version.

  53. It is fake, because the official screen for princess zelda shows sheik in it, i saw a japanese review today and it had the selection screen without any secret characters, showing zelda and sheik in 1 picture.

  54. it’s defiantly a fake look closely at bowsers pic it says koopa lol thats so f***ing fake its not funny!

  55. This is a fake roster. Trust me. Some of the character shots don’t match up with the picture on the official site, such as pokemon trainer and zelda/shiek. I’ve seen this shot before and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that this was only game trailers making a picture for a video.


    Besides, if this was the full roster, where the hell is snake?

  56. it posted on the site already that ness will be in it as a secret character so everyone stop saying hes not gonna be in it cuz he is

  57. as for the roster it is very fake because zelda and sheik are by each other when you see the screen

  58. I would laugh so hard if this turns out to be real.
    The WW link kinda ruins it though. :/

    I just want it to be real so all the OMG ITS FAKE people can squirm uncomfortably.

  59. This is real. It’s showing all the unlockable characters too. Mmmyep. The game is already out in Japan, yo.

  60. The shot is definietly fake. The game’s out in Japan, and you can find shots of the actual screen, which shows the characters from the same games are grouped vertically (Mario’s above Luigi, Peach and Bowser) Zelda and Sheik are both shown on the character screen, but ont he same icon. Instead of Young Link they have Toon Link, which is the version from Wind Waker, but they have made a 3D model for him. The list of differences goes on. For shots of the character screen (not final – more to come) and other in game shots, here’s a link.

  61. Both of these are fake, Sonic is on the other side, and the random button is not on there (if it is, it’s not in the bottom right, where it’s supposed to be. I have played the Japanese Demo at a Gamestore I go to, and these guys brought in a demo of Super Smash Bros brawl.

  62. The sad part? The real list is mostly clones. This would’ve been much better… Well, some of it would’ve been. Dark Samus i’d go for over Fox, Falco and Wolf (co-incidentally, where was Falco on that list?) If anyone doesnt like the Landmaster Final Smash you wont like a fight with any of those three identical characters,,,

  63. From what I have seen so far (excluding this site) every site I’ve visited says that there is only 35 characters. Some of them in that picture I’ve never honestly even seen. It is fake, if you look closely at the picture of Mewtwo it is 2D it isn’t 3D what so ever like the “real” ones are. And yes I have seen Falco as a definite character in the game and his picture or name isn’t on that roster, there are videos on youtube of the final smashes from the Japanese version of the game and there is most definitely not 44 characters in that video.

  64. Wow, I knew it was fake once i saw midna. if you wanna see real roster, search smash bros brawl roster on google, and go to second link down.

  65. i deffinetly know thats fake because the lucario pic is different from the REAL roster becuz i alredy have him.though i would want midna in brwl

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