Rayman Raving Rabbids to Use Balance Board?

I just love those whimsical rabbids don’t you? It appears that these mischievous little guys may be utilizing the forthcoming Wii balance board in an all new title starring the infamous Rabbids. Details are scarce and should be considered a rumor as of this writing, but I would be willing to bet money that these little guys will be showing up on Wii later this year. Keep it here and we will keep you informed. Game On!

**I would also like to note that Ubi-Soft will be hosting a “gamer’s day” next month…Stay Tuned!**

Image of The Day: Penny Arcade Comic!

I hope you all enjoy today’s image of the day as much as I did. In the wake of Mario Kart Wii (it launches tomorrow gamers) the funny guys over at Penny Arcade did the following comic strip that I know you’ll enjoy.

**Game On TV UPDATE- Just letting you guys all know that Game On TV #32 was recorded but for some reason, vodpod is not accepting uploads. I will keep you all updated as to what will happen with the show.**

BREAKING-Blast Works won’t use Friend Codes

Quick Update: Majesco has recently confirmed that Blast Works for the Nintendo Wii will forego using the traditional “Friend Codes” for its online mode and will be using the Wii Machine ID that is available in your Wii’s address book instead. The game is currently set to hit North America on May 6th and I look forward to picking this creative title up on day 1.

Excited About Mario Kart Wii…What Are Your Plans?

In a mere 3 days Wii owners everywhere will take the race online and blast it out with another fantastic Mario Kart title. Early reviews for the title are already promising (IGN gave it an 8.5 and 1up gave it a respectable B+), so it’s no doubt gamers everywhere will be flocking to their local gaming pub to pick up the game.

While we have to sit here and wait, (very impatiently I may add), I was wondering what your plans were for the games release. Personally I will probably be racing online with a lot of you from our forums page, but if you aren’t a member yet (you should be ashamed of yourself for not joining our awesome community), what are your plans?

3 days gamers…3 days!