Super Mario RPG Confirmed for Virtual Console Release!



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Nintendo of Japan has officially confirmed that the amazing Super Mario RPG is coming to the Virtual Console in June (for Japan). Typically when Japan gets a VC title, other countries seem to get them as well. Cross thos wiimotes ganmers


Brand New King’s Story Media

Mark my words gamers, this game deserves your attention. I hope you all enjoy the newest screens of this promising 3rd party venture for the Nintendo Wii. King’s Story looks to blend a traditional RPG title with some Sim City mixed in (seems like the trend, doesn’t it?). As always, I will keep you updated.

I know I plan on purchasing this sweet looking title on launch day, how about you?

Street Fighter IV: NOT on Wii

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even want to report the following news, but here it goes:

Capcom has announced the development of Street Fighter IV for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, confirming previous assumptions that there will be no Wii version.

In a move that will for sure shock the gaming industry, apparently Capcom has said “nay” for this generations console leader, Nintendo Wii. I am very happy I also own a 360, but this is terrible news for Nintendo owners everywhere. Why Capcom, why?!


Star Soldier R Review

I have exactly 5 minutes to write this review for the newly released Star Soldier R for Nintendo’s WiiWare Channel. In 5 minutes I will hopefully give you an awesome review and my write up will be placed on the leaderboards as one of the top reviews for the title yet!

In all honesty though if you have 800 points to spare, Star Soldier will be a welcome addition to your ever growing WiiWare library. The game has 2 “main” modes in which gamers try to achieve their highest score possible in a matter of minutes (2 and 5 minutes to be presise), and it’s very addicting and extremely entertaining.

Playing through the title is intense and racing against a 5 minute clock truly tests your reflexes. I currently weigh in at 9678 in world rankings but I do plan on furthering my ranks as they are currently running a pretty decent contest for the game right now.

If you’re a fan of top-down shooters, this ones a no brainer. If you need something to pick up and play, this title is for you. If you’re interested in sweet contests, downlaod this game. I am really enjoying this title and love the fact that I can pick up and play this game at any time in short, 5 minute bursts. Some gamers may hate the fact that gameplay only lasts 5 minutes, but I have to say I embrace it. It gives me a nostalgic taste and makes me want to get the highest score possible.

Thanks Hudson and Nintendo……Is my 5 minutes up yet?

Grahically speaking the title looks and runs very smooth and will keep you coming back for more. The explosions and enemies on screen look impressive and the frame rate, thus far, never drops. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!

Death Jr: Root of Evil Wii Video

I have to say that if the developer took a little more time on the graphics (yes, in my opinion graphics do matter), I think I may have checked this one out. The title reminds me of the excellent Chicken little title (play it, TRUST ME), that came out on the Wii many moons ago and looks kind of fun.

Discuss in Comments Section:
What do you guys think- Should Death Jr. go the way of the dodo or should they continue to publish this franchise?