Image of the Day…One of the Coolest Zelda Shirts Ever!

Who would’ve ever known that fashion would meet video games? Above is one of the coolest video game shirts I have ever seen; and that’s precisely the reason why it got the coveted “Image of the Day” award here at Gameonnintendo.

You can actually order the shirt from the link below if you would like (Yes the one that say’s “Buy Geek and Gamer T-Shirts)… I know I am.

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Game On Contest Reminder…Ends TOMORROW!

In case you missed it, we are running a little contest here at Gameonnintendo and we want you to enter! Check out all of the details below and ENTER TODAY! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

Here at Gameonnintendo, we love video games. We especially love great video games and that is why we are giving away one of the Wii’s best titles to date, Zack and Wiki! The contest is extremely simple and I urge everyone to enter.

The lowdown: Show your love for video games; how you do that is completely up to you. Show us your video game related artwork, display your video game tattoo, tell us a story about your favorite memory playing a game or show us a video. It can literally be anything you can imagine (extra points if you represent gameonnintendo somehow… Billboards and headlights people!!!). Be creative and have fun!

The contest ends August 1st (that’s just under a week), so make sure you enter soon!

Anyone can win, so enter today!

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Wii 2 Already in Development

Surprise; Nintendo confirms Wii 2 is in development. In an interview with Forbes, Iwata had the following to say about Wii’s successor:

Nintendo, as you might expect, is approaching things a bit differently. President Satoru Iwata freely admits the company is already working on the Wii’s successor. However, he adds that he doesn’t view the hardware as particularly interesting.

“We are always preparing for the next hardware,” Iwata says. “We are under development. … But the hardware is a kind of box that consumers reluctantly buy in order to play our games.”

To that end, Nintendo will keep its development well under wraps until Wii sales dry up–in other words, not anytime soon–and developers run out of ways to utilize the system’s interface.
Nintendo, though, is in an unusual position. With the company’s huge success with the current-generation console, consumers are going to expect a lot from it whenever the successor to the Wii is unveiled.

“Every hardware needs some revolutionary features,” Iwata says. “This time around, it happened to be we had a revolutionary user interface. Will it be the same for the next generation? I really can’t tell.

“It’s natural for the current customer to expect Nintendo is going to once again do something different,” he continues. “If the people are expecting so many different things from Nintendo, it’s going to be difficult for us to go beyond that expectation again.”

New WiiWare Title Images: Wild West Gun

Below are the first screens of newly announced Nintendo WiiWare game Wild West Gun. I am strangely attracted to this title as it seems like it would be actually fun. Will anyone out there give it a go?

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