Wii HD in 2011?

First the new DS and now a new Wii?? What is this world coming to? For all of those who are eager for a good read I suggest all of you check out whattheyplay and read up on the potential of a new Nintendo Wii in 2011. Below is a quote from the story but I do suggest clicking here and checking out the whole article.

What They Play has heard from multiple sources in the game development and publishing community that Nintendo is currently showing early presentations of its next home console hardware. Apparently set to hit the market “by 2011” the new device is said to be the true “next generation” Nintendo console, and far more than a simple refresh of the current hardware. Unlike previous console transitions from Nintendo, the new system will be presented as a true successor to the Wii, and is being dubbed by those that have seen the presentation as “Wii HD.”

My Thoughts:

Honestly, I would love to see it. I personally own a HDTV and I would love to see a Mario title or a brand new Zelda game in HD. I think that it would actually shut some of the nay-sayers up and really give Nintendo fans something to be proud of. Now I am not saying that we shouldn’t be proud of our little white box, it would just put another feather in our cap. I think the gaming community would take Nintendo more seriously with the aforementioned upgrades and I know about 20 million people plus who would welcome this with open arms. What do you guys think?

Wii: Major Revival Coming This Thursday?

Nintendo seems like it may be hiding some more surprises for its upcoming Japanese press conference this Thursday. Everyone in the gaming community is talking about the new model of the infamous Nintendo DS that includes a camera (among other things), but what we (apparently) don’t know is that Nintendo has a new game to show.

Gamekyo reports that ” we can announce today that Nintendo will reveal a new game for the Wii during this event which is actually an old franchise that everyone is waiting for. Nintendo press conference will be held in Japan on October 2nd”.

File under Rumor for know but I have to say it’s pretty much a given. What do you guys hope to hear?

Get Your Spend On: New Releases This Week for Nintendo Products

While all of us are still raving about the possible new redesign of the Nintendo DS, some of us are looking forward to purchasing some gaming goodness this week. Check out the list below and plan out what you will be purchasing this week at your local gaming pub. Anyone getting anything?

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
Pipe Mania
We Cheer


HamTaro Ham-Ham Challenge
Pipe Mania
Animal Paradise
Margot’s Word Brain
Pop Cutie! Street Fashion Simulation
Princess Debut
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Unsolved Crimes

Game On TV Episode #35 is LIVE

We have finally brought back Game On TV and man does it feel good. I am very pleased to announce that Game On TV episode 35 is already in the books and can be found here for your viewing pleasure! In this amazing episode we find out a little more about our noew co-host Steve (trust me you don’t want to miss it) and we also discuss our predictions for the October 2nd show as well as Steve’s impressions of Lego Batman.

If you like the show, drop us a line in the comments section and let us know what you think (if you absolutely loathe the show, email me and tell us how we can improve it).

Game On TV…Join Our Revolution.

Nintendo DS Next? New Nintendo DS on the Way?

Remember when we said that the big N may reveal a new DS? Well gamers, we might actually get the newer model sooner rather than later! Check out the RUMORED details below from the good guys over at GoNintendo and start the speculation!

Nintendo DS Next model
– (digital) Camera included
– music playback function
– Wireless connection function power up
– larger screen
– to be released this year in Japan
– under 20000 yen
– new types of games by using the camera
– get/exchange data from Wii and SD card (SD card slot included?)

Wired has posted an article

and Nikkei has an article as well. Sounding pretty damn real! I will keep it marked rumor just incase…I’m hoping for a Nintendo confirmation soon.

If this is a fake, it’s a pretty damn elaborate fake…with sources to back up the info with. I am not saying that it couldn’t be faked…but if it is, someone went through a lot of trouble.

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