Nintendo Wii: Quantom of Solace Video

And gamers everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief after watching the above video. If any of you out there are Bond fans, or fans of FPS, make sure you check out the impressive video above and go preorder this game today.

After seeing some still screens of the game about a month back, I was getting a little worried that this title wouldn’t make gamers gleam with happiness. QOS looks to be a decent addition for our Wii libraries this holiday season.

2009, The Year Nintendo Wii Gets “Hardcore”

In just over 2 months, 2008 will be memory and 2009 will be upon us. With the coming of the new year brings a gaggle of new titles that should entice, excite and revolutionize the gaming industry everywhere. What I like about next year is that 2009 seems like it could be the year of the “hardcore” for Nintendo Wii fans. What titles can you look forward to gamers? Lucky for you, I have compiled a list of what seems to be sure hits for Wii owners everywhere.

What’s nice about the following list was that it was really hard to pick just 9, which is a good thing for us gamers. So, without further ado, here is 9 Wii titles you don’t want to miss for next year:

House of the Dead: OverKill

A personal “thank you” is going out to the Sega team for giving us some quality 3rd party support for our Wii systems. It seems as though 2009 is going to be the year where 3rd parties finally take the Wii seriously and really deliver some awesome titles for Wii gamers everywhere. House of the Dead Overkill looks to take a Tarantino approach to the Rail Shooter and is giving us Wii owners a violent (not that that’s a good thing but it does help the Wii get some street cred in the gaming world) and memorable experience. The titles amazing trailer blends the line between horror movies and games and really is a joy to watch. Click here and check it out.

The Conduit

It seems as though Nintendo Wii owners everywhere have been awaiting this awesome FPS like many are waiting for the 2nd coming and if High Voltage has their way, we won’t be disappointed. The Conduit has all the markings of a great title and should suffice any hardcore FPS fan out there. Online play, customizable controls, great graphics and VOIP support really makes this game stand out from all of the other FPS that have graced the system thus far and will be welcomed by many when it comes out early next year.

Wii Sports Resort

In all honesty I think that this sequel is a bit over due. The first title put Nintendo Wii on the map and with the support of 1:1 motion plus, the sequel looks to truly deliver. I can’t tell you how many countless hours we have spent with the first Wii Sports and I think that this deserving sequel will start the Wii Sports love all over again. The new mini games really look to make great use of the wiimote (now with motion plus) and should be a blast to play from anyone in your extended family. If Nintendo puts online play in this sequel (with full voice support please), this game will surpass the mighty sales of its original counterpart. Look for Wii Sports Resort to make a gigantic splash sometime next year.

Sin and Punishment 2


I can honestly say that I didn’t see this one coming and I couldn’t be more happier that they decided to make a sequel. The original Sin and Punishment received amazing review scores from nearly every facet of media and was downloaded by millions upon millions of gamers from Wii (….Ok maybe not by millions, but enough to warrant a sequel). The original title was a blast to play (literally) and this sequel looks to up the anti in every way. If you haven’t played the first one, you can download it via Wii Shop Channel and get yourself ready for this impressive sequel.

Punch Out!

Ever since gamers have played Wii Sports Boxing, legions of gamers believed that it was only a matter of time before we got back into the ring with Lil Mac and really utilize the WiiMote and nunchuck. The game features a highly stylized Lil Mac with a plethora of returning cast members in a boxing title that will satisfy all the Nintendo fanboys out there. I am unaware why Nintendo decided not to show this at E3 but relieved that we are finally getting another title in this deserving series. I know I can’t wait for this game and I am really looking forward to playing this title with everyone in my family as well as all of you reading this post (I’m hoping for online play…)


Sega is “getting” the Wii and with the release of the highly anticipated MadWorld, it looks as though Wii will be getting another great exclusive. As players battle opponents, they will master a number of different weapons and items found within their environment and totally annihilate all who stand in their way. Weapons range from chainsaws to street signs and looks to deliver a unique and brutal experience for Wii owners in ’09. The title is already receiving tons of praise for its stylized graphics and outstanding gameplay and should make this one a no-brainer when it’s released.

Little King’s Story

There is so much I could say about Little King’s Story but if you’re an avid reader of Gameonnnintendo, I am certain most of it would be a rehash of what I have already reported about this promising 3rd party title. There’s a reason why 2 titles (almost had 3 actually), from Marvelous has made this list; their games will be great. Little King’s Story features some of the most adorable (yes I decided to use that adjective while describing a game) characters in recent memory and seems to boast that “Nintendo charm” that most of us have grown to love.

If gamers can get past the “kiddie” graphics, I can assure you that this title will satisfy your gaming needs.

Arc Rise Fantasia

RPG fans, listen to me closely, this is the one we’ve been waiting for and it’s coming to Wii! It feels too good to say that don’t you think? With a system that has been plagued by shovelware and mediocre titles (although it is getting better), it’s very nice to finally see a true “hardcore” RPG headed to Wii that looks fantastic. I applaud the team over at Marvelous entertainment and I will be purchasing this game the minute it comes out. It’s the Wii’s answer to Final Fantasy and it looks breathtaking. The story will be epic, the graphics impressive (finally) and the gameplay will be fantastic.

Monster Hunter 3

This is “the big one” gamers. Mark my words, Monster Hunter 3 will make the Wii this generations console winner if it stays exclusive in terms of worldwide sales. I urge every single person reading this post to purchase this amazing 3rd party title once it’s released and show your support for this breathtaking title. The Monster Hunter series has a gigantic following over in Japan and looks to set the standard in terms of what 3rd parties should be doing on the Wii. The title boasts some of the best graphics I have seen (not just for “a Wii game”) and features a robust online system that will make gamers really get involoved in this quality franchise. I know that I breathed a sigh of relief once this amazing title was announced exclusively for Wii and you should have too. This game will be one to remember.

**Note, no WiiWare titles (I’m looking at you Cave Story) were included on the list mainly because we never get a “solid” release schedule on any of them. This list is a compiled list of titles that we already know about and did not include rumored titles such as Kid Icarus, A New Zelda, a New Mario and many other “rumored” titles for Wii.

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Sega to Publish The Conduit

Mark this one down as a rumor for now gamers but check out what PureNintendo had to say about the future publisher of Nintendo Wii’s FPS, The Conduit:

That’s right, the rumor of Nintendo becoming the publisher for the Conduit may be false. With an empty folder on Sega’s press site, (sorry cannot share the link) labeled Conduit, many believe that Sega is about to announce that they will be publishing High Voltage’s Conduit. I do not care if it is Nintendo or Sega, I just want the game to come out.

More as it develops.

New Arc Rise of Fantasia Screens

2009 seems so far away now doesn’t it? Below are some fantastic new images of the Nintendo Wii game Arc Rise Fantasia. This promising RPG is being developed by Marvelous entertainment and looks to be Wii’s answer to the infamous Final Fantasy series. I know I can’t wait, can you? Enjoy the new screens (make sure you check out more impressive screens, after the break).

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Rock Band 2 for Christmas?

The release window for Rock Band 2 has just gotten narrower. Apparently Harmonix has confirmed with Destructoid that the rockstar title is set to release in “Late December” and may make it in time for Christmas…Don’t hold your breath though gamers as a post Christmas release seems more likely.

Still good news non the less. Is anyone holding out for the Wii version, or do you already own Rock Band 2?


Wii: New Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Screenshots

Namco Bandai has just released some brand new screenshots of Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, a wii-make that is scheduled for December 4 in Japan, and man do they look great. If you’re a fan of platforming titles, this is your game. Enjoy the screens gamers and make sure you hit the break for more screens.

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