Leading the Revolution…3rd Parties That Care About Wii

3rd party games typically do not bode well on a Nintendo system; unfortunately it’s a known fact. However, when you are this generation’s #1 selling machine (by a long shot mind you), companies can’t help but take notice. Some 3rd parties are finally taking the Wii seriously and below are the ones leading the way:




Sega, once a hated Nintendo rival, is quickly becoming one of Nintendo’s best assets and that statement will ring true in the year 2009. House of the Dead Overkill, Sonic and the Black Knight, Pole’s Adventure, MadWorld and The Conduit (thank you High Voltage) are all titles that are being developed specifically for the Wii and are all built from the ground up which will be a welcome addition to our ever growing Wii libraries.


Marketing for their high profile Wii titles has been very impressive (to say the least) and it seems as though Sega has really “Stepped up their game” in regards for Wii titles. The house that Sonic built is truly giving “hardcore” Wii owners something to be happy about and I applaud their efforts.




High Voltage Software

Tons of WiiWare support and the mother-ship of all FPS’s, The Conduit, make High Voltage an easy addition to our list. High Voltage is a company that has taken Nintendo and the Wii very seriously and should be commended for their efforts with our hard earned gaming dollars.


Evade Space is coming along rather nicely and will be headed to the WiiWare channel very soon and is a perfect example of what 3rd parties can do if they put some time and effort into their Wii projects. I urge any Wii owner with some extra Wii points to purchase Evade Space once it is released.




Marvelous Entertainment

I consider Marvelous Entertainment as the company to watch in 2009 if you’re a Wii owner. With a plethora of great looking titles coming out (Arc Rise Fantasia anyone) Marvelous Entertainment is proving it’s a force to be reckoned with in regards for Wii 3rd parties.


The fantastic looking Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Arc Rise Fantasia and the charming LittleKing’s Story have already taken the gaming community by storm and it’s all for our Nintendo Wii. Not to mention Rune Factory and the always popular Harvest Moon series round out this companies impressive list of Wii titles.





The evil empire that is EA (I don’t think they’re that bad) will be showing Wii some much needed love later this year. Any sequel to the incredible Boom Blox causes reason for joy and I am so thankful that EA will be making this much deserving sequel. With the recent announcement of Boom Blox Party Bash, complete with online support AND no friend codes, along with focused efforts on EA’s top sports titles, it looks as though Wii owners will be happy with video games’ largest company.


Rumor also has it that a “major 3rd party” title is headed to Wii and will fore-go friend codes and have an online component that will give Wii owners something to be happy about…That company may be EA….


Thanks for reading gamers and thank you 3rd parties for finally stepping it up for Wii.

Hands-on New Play Control! Pikmin

For all those fanatic followers of Gameon TV you know that this title has been highly anticipated by one of our host…no names need to be named!  We all know who he is.  Well while I have been surfing the web looking for some new gossip to share with you are faithful readers I came across this article on IGN

This is a great article to read for all those gamers out there who have been anxiously awaiting this new title!

 Kmaxx out!!!!!!

Click here for article.

Iwata: We are Looking to Trump PS2 Sales…

What we are looking at are the cumulative Wii and DS sales through the end of 2008. Wii has been selling at industry’s record pace so far, and with new customers acquired by the gaming population expansion efforts, it is not impossible for Wii’s total sales to exceed the final install base of PS2. Wii still has much more room for expansion. We can expect more sales of software in the next fiscal year than in the current year. With what kind of software is Nintendo going to achieve this goal? Well, it will be shown at E3 to be held in the U.S. this June. – Satoru Iwata

I am officially psyched for this years E3. After last year’s poor showing, it looks as though Nintendo is really focusing on software for the Wii. I have been pretty impressed with the Wii thus far and have always felt that this year is going to be a defining year for the system.

We have witnessed one of the most impressive paradigm shifts in video game history and Nintendo is truly back as the leader. Congrats Nintendo, I am looking forward to E3.