Street Fighter IV Review

It’s amazing. Honestly, I could probably end the review there and actually pondered about just posting that and leaving it. That is my review gamers; “It’s AMAZING”. Capcom has (finally) delievered another stellar addition to their uber-popular fighting franchise and man does it deliver.

Street Fighter IV features models and backgrounds rendered in 3D, the gameplay remains on a traditional 2D plane. Producer Yoshinori Ono has stated that he wanted to keep the game closer to Street Fighter II. A new system called “Focus Attacks” (“Saving Attack” for the Japanese version) has been introduced, as well as Ultra moves. The traditional six-button control scheme returns, with new features and special moves integrated into the input system, mixing classic gameplay with additional innovations.

Just the words “Street Fighter” brings joy to so many gamers out there that a number of them have been waiting this new title like it’s the second coming. When Street Fighter IV was originally shown, yours truly, as well as the gaming community, all fell under its nostalgic spell.

The title just rocks on so many levels, it’s hard to even write a review. The visuals are crisp, the characters (new and old) memorable and the controls spot on. The only gripe that seems to be appearing in everyone’s review are the cut scenes that bookend each of your chosen characters arcade story. It’s not that they’re horrible, it’s that they just don’t seem to really fit in with the rest of the game. Other than that, the title is phenominal. 

Online is pure genious and should be mimmicked by every fighting game.   What makes it unique, besides the easy online matches with decent connection and online ranking systems, is that anyone can challenge you at any time.  It’s almost like a virtual arcade but without waiting in line.If you are even remotely interested in fighting games, I urge you to pick up this title.  You wont be disappointed.  

 Overall Score: 9.4 Out of 10

Red Steel 2 In Next NGamer

Quick Update: The highly anticipated and much talked about Wii shooter Red Steel 2 will be shown in next months issue of NGamer. Apparently the title is ready to be shown and the gaming community will be ready for it next month.

The original Red Steel was a very successful launch title for Wii but fell short of being a great title. Here’s to something amazing (hopefully).

More as it develops.

Source via PureNintendo

EA Titles to Support Wii Motion Plus

Even though Nintendo themselves have been silent on the upcoming Wii add on, EA seems to be doing a lot of talking.

The juggernaut of 3rd parties has gone on record to state that they will be utilizing Nintendo’s enhanced gyroscope and will be featuring it in a gaggle of new titles that are in development. In addition to the amazing looking Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis, Dead Space: Extraction will also feature MotionPlus capabilities.

Good stuff indeed if you’re a Wii owner. This year is already shaping up to be yet another stellar year for this generation’s #1 selling console. Game On.