Tekken 6 On Wii?

Today’s quote of the day makes me happy. Check it out and let me know what you guys think:

“That would be very interesting [Tekken 5/6 on Wii]. Like the Xbox 360 owners, if Wii owners are passionate and make it known they really want the series on their system, we would love to be able to answer that request. Hearing about the huge number of Xbox 360 owners who are Tekken fans, especially in North America, definitely played a huge part in influencing us to bring the game to that system. As for the Wii, the standard controller lacks the right number of buttons and the placement is awkward, so… I suppose the classic controller could handle it!”

Honestly if the Nintendo Wii got this amazing fighting franchise, it would be another feather into their cap. Tekken provides some of the best fighting mechanics and is beloved by most of the gaming industry. If Nintendo could land Tekken 6 on the Wii, it would be a decisive victory for Wii owners.

Make it happen.


  1. YEAH there should be a tekken on wii my parents say i already have a wii and shouldn’t get a new console just for a game 🙁 please make tekken 6 wii

  2. This would totally be a hit if there was a tekken for wii. Children would go ape sh!t for the game

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