Nintendo Power WiiWare/VC/DSiWare ratings

Here are the new Nintendo Power ratings ladies and gentlemen. Also- be on the look out for our new contest… Stay tuned!

Family Slot Car Racing (WiiWare) – Grumble Grumble
NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits (WiiWare) – Recommended
Overturn (WiiWare) – Hmmm…
Mr. Driller W (WiiWare) – Hmmm…
Picturebook Games: Pop-Up Pursuit (WiiWare) – Hmmm…
Rock N’ Roll Climber (WiiWare) – Recommended
Sexy Poker (WiiWare) – Grumble Grumble
The Revenge of Shinobi (VC) – Recommended
Super Empire Strikes Back (VC) – Recommended
Super Star Wars (VC) – Recommended
Tecmo Bowl (VC) – Grumble Grumble
Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters (DSiWare) – Hmmm…
Art Style: precipice (DSiWare) – Recommended
Guitar Rock Tour (DSiWare) – Grumble Grumble
Brain Age Express: Sudoku (DSiWare)

Today’s Nintendo Channel updates


–Spore Hero Cinematic Intro Video
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–Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games More Winter Sports Video
–Dead Space Extraction Characters BTS Video
–What’s New at Animal Crossing City Folk October
–Disney Sing It: Pop Hits Info Video
–NHL 2K10 Hockey Moms Wii Speak Featurette
–DECA Sports 2 Info Video


–Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Launch Video
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–Arkanoid Plus! Info Video
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–Nintendo Week 9/28

DS Demos: (Expire 10/04)

–Cars Race-O-Rama (New)
–Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Destiny 2
–Battle of Giants: Dragons
–Fossil Fighters Gift Fossil (Fire) (New)
–Personal Trainer: Cooking Lasagna Demo