Nintendo Power review scores

Here are the latest Nintendo Power review scores from Nintendo Power magazine. It appears as though the controversial Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D scored decent while Cars 2 and Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions both received a respectable 7.0. Check out the rest of the scores below:

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D (3DS) – 7.5
Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident (Wii) – 6.0
NASCAR 2011: The Game (Wii) – 3.0
Reel Fishing Paradise 3D (3DS) – 6.0
Cars 2: The Video Game (Wii) – 7.0
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions (3DS) – 7.0

Operation Rainfall Interview

We here at myvideogamenews have scored an interview with the guys responsible for starting Operation Rainfall and you can find the Q & A below. I am very impressed with the efforts thus far and hope that their campaign makes some noise with NOA. Here is the interview:

Q: Please give readers a little background on who you are and what Operation Rainfall is.
A: Operation Rainfall is a netroots campaign to localize three Nintendo titles currently not available outside of Japan: Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower (Xenoblade did recently receive an EU/UK release date, though). It was born as a letter-writing effort on IGN’s message boards and quickly spread into social media, with a dedicated blog (, Facebook and Twitter. Another offshoot was a fairly spontaneous effort to pre-order Xenoblade (aka Monado) on Amazon, which pushed the game to the top of the pre-order charts. My role is that of a volunteer; I said I was available, and here I am.

Q When did you first get the idea to take action on creating the petitions for Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower?
A: The idea had been kicked around for a little while on the Wii message board, mainly after it became clear that Xenoblade would be released (and localized) for the UK/EU. However, after no NA localization announcements came at E3, the discussions got a bit more focused. The main letter-writing campaign was the brainchild of board member “themightyme,” who made a post about it on June 22. It has taken on a life of its own since then.

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Nintendo Wii U: EA “blown away” by Wii U

It’s awesome to hear that EA is going to be a heavy supporter of Nintendo’s next home console and I cannot wait to see what they produce with the Wii U. I especially like the whole “it fits well with what we’re trying to do with our franchises like FIFA and Madden and Battlefield” and has gotten me real excited about next year.

Check out the interview below:

Q: John Riccitiello was on stage at Nintendo’s E3 conference earlier this month, the first time he’s been on stage with the company before. EA is obviously betting big on the Wii U.

Frank Gibeau: We were really blown away by the unique innovation that Nintendo brings with the Wii U controller on a high performance machine. The ability to do HD graphics and access game experiences in a completely novel way and a way that’s never been seen before, it really struck our fancy. We were excited by what Nintendo presented to us, we thought about it and it fits well with what we’re trying to do with our franchises like FIFA and Madden and Battlefield. There’s great horsepower there, great innovation and Nintendo’s got fantastic branding. We’re platform agnostic as a company so if we find something we believe will have success commercially and critically, and has a business model that works for us, we’re in.
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StarFox 64 3D – Overview Trailer

I have to say, the more I see StarFox 64 3D, the more I am getting excited about playing the title again. I have heard very positive things regarding the game and I can’t wait to get my hands on it myself. I love the new feature that allows players to watch other players reactions when they are playing multiplayer and feel that it is a perfect use of the 3DS’s many features.

Enjoy the trailer.

Japanese hardware sales (6/20 – 6/26)

It looks as though the PSP has regained its top position on the Japanese hardware sales for last week. Can Nintendo regain the top spot with its innovative handheld or do we have to wait until other high profile titles release over seas?

PSP – 29,168
3DS – 27,905
PS3 – 16,993
Wii – 9,511
DSi LL – 4,903
DSi – 4,503
Xbox 360 – 2,152
PS2 – 1,332
DS Lite – 134
PSP go – 21

Nintendo Systems In Terms of the Triforce

The recent release of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D got my video game brain thinking, so I came up with the following analogy that I know you will find amusing. It’s about Nintendo’s new systems and how they each represent a triforce.

So, without further ado, here is my reasoning as to what Nintendo’s systems are in terms of triforces.

Triforce of Wisdom: Nintendo Wii

Ah the Nintendo Wii. The system that trail-blazed the “motion” control movement and this generations clear winner in terms of retail sales. I am pegging the Nintendo Wii as the “Triforce of Wisdom”. I am certain Nintendo has learned many lessons with the Wii and have to capitalize on its strengths and learn from its weaknesses. The Nintendo Wii has a ton of fantastic titles but I think Nintendo can learn a great deal from Wii thus making it the Triforce of Wisdom. Nintendo could gain great knowledge from this key console in Nintendo’s historic history and should give Nintendo fans something to be proud of.

Triforce of Courage: Nintendo 3DS

Producing a handheld and trying to get across the message of “it plays 3D games without the use of 3D glasses” is hard to convey and thus receives the moniker of the “Triforce of Courage”. Nintendo always seems to be at the forefront of innovation and the 3DS is like no other. They needed courage to bring out another system when Nintendo DS sales continued to impress but understood that the aging handheld was in desperate need of an update. Not only did Nintendo vastly improve on the handhelds capabilities, the system can play games in 3D without the need for 3D glasses and that alone is quite an impressive feat. I am dubbing the 3DS as the “Triforce of Courage” for these reasons. It’s an outstanding handheld and I applaud Nintendo’s efforts in producing such an innovative machine.

Triforce of Power: Nintendo Wii U

Ever since we saw the outstanding visuals that the XBOX 360 and PS3 could produce, Nintendo fans often wondered how their favorite franchises would look in full HD. At E3 2011, the gaming public finally got a glimpse of what the future holds for Nintendo’s next home console and the future sure does look bright. The technical specs for the Wii U are said to be “50% more powerful” than the PS3 and will finally give the new Nintendo system “street cred” in the “home console horsepower” department. The Wii U will take full advantage of HD visuals (finally) and has an equally impressive controller that will have the ability to not only play games directly on the unit, but can act as a plethora of other things for developers to explore. I am dubbing Nintendo’s next home console, the Wii U, as the “Triforce of Power”.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. How would you place Nintendo’s new systems in terms of the triforce?