Nintendo Power Reveals All Wii US Million Sellers

Thought this might be interesting for some… According to Nintendo Power magazine, here is the list of million selling titles for Nintendo Wii as of August NPD. I thought that the stunning Super Mario Galaxy 2 would’ve outsold its excellent counterpart in Super Mario Galaxy but I was wrong.
Do you guys find anything interesting?

Check it out:

Wii Play 13.04
Mario Kart Wii 10.64
Super Mario Bros. Wii 8.36
Wii Fit w/ Balance Board 8.15
Wii Sports Resort 6.05
Wii Fit Plus w/ Balance Board 5.35
Super Smash Bros.: Brawl 5.28
Just Dance 2 5.09
Super Mario Galaxy 4.38
Link’s Crossbow Training 3.47
Mario Party 8 3.47
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 2.82
Guitar Hero III 2.76
Just Dance 2.71
LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga 2.48
Super Mario Galaxy 2 2.4
Donkey Kong Country Returns 2.35
Mario & Sonic at Olympic Games 2.12
Carnival Games 1.88
Michael Jackson: Experience 1.88
Game Party 1.78
Wii Fit Plus (Standalone) 1.71
EA Sports Active 1.56
Disney Epic Mickey 1.52
Zumba Fitness: Join the Party 1.42
Deca Sports 1.35
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games 1.34
Rayman Raving Rabbids 1.28
Super Paper Mario 1.27
LEGO Batman 1.17
Wii Music 1.16
Mario Super Sluggers 1.13
Cooking Mama: Cook Off 1.08
LEGO Indiana Jones: Original Adventures 1.08
Animal Crossing: City Folk 1.06
Wipeout: The Game 1.06
Star Wars: Force Unleashed 1.06
Resident Evil 4 1.05
Guitar Hero World Tour 1.02
uDraw 1.02
Rock Band Special Edition 1.01
Call of Duty: World at War 1.01


PlayStation Vita Retail Boxes Pictured

Check out, what appears to be, PS Vita retail boxes and Physical Game Cards. I dig the look and if these are the final design, color me happy. They are sleek, sexy and definitely eye catching. From a retail perspective, they will be easily identifiable and stand out on the shelf.

Check them out and let me know what you think:

PS Vita Retail Boxes:

PS Vita Physical Game Cards:


New Dragon Quest X Screens

Square-Enix has just released brand new Dragon Quest X screens and you can find them all below. Having this title in your library is a huge win for Nintendo and Co. and the title is looking better and better with each update. If Nintendo and Square launch this game alongside Wii U when it is released next year, initial sales of the system should be rather impressive.

Check out the screens below:

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Brand New Screens

Below (as well as after the break) are some brand new screens of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Modern Warfare 3 is going to be HUGE…. I think they should start the marketing machine now and build up some anticipation for this already highly anticipated title.

Check out the screens below and let me know if you plan on getting this one. Enjoy:

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