Super Mario 3D Land Review

Super Mario 3D Land has arrived and has finally given the Nintendo 3DS its first, real “killer app”. Super Mario 3D Land is not just another ordinary Mario title; it’s a brand new Mario adventure that is built from the ground up for Nintendo’s latest handheld and is extraordinary. Everything about this newly released game is phenomenal and can justify the purchase of the 3DS alone.

How well did it fair in our review? Read on and find out!

Super Mario 3D Land is as close to perfection as they come. The game looks fantastic, controls outstanding and will keep gamers busy for the long haul. It’s a perfectly designed game and truly justifies Nintendo’s decision to make 3-D a main focus on their newest handheld.

The game starts off as we have all come to expect. Princess Peach is in peril and it is up to Mario and his wide array of different suits to save her. I don’t know if I ever stopped smiling throughout this entire platforming oasis and will have me addicted to it for quite sometime (mainly because of all the bonus content players receive AFTER they beat the game).

The narrative is told through beautiful cut-scenes and showcase what the Nintendo 3DS can do. The graphics are crisp and vibrant and the animations are top notch. Everything form Mario’s movement to the little white birds flying as you run past them is truly magical and needs to be seen to believe. Speaking of seeing is believing, I urge everyone to play the entire adventure in the 3rd dimension. I have to say that there was never a moment when I took the 3D slider from its upright position and it all just felt natural. Falling from high ledge felt a little more unsettling in 3D and gave this new game a sense of depth that has yet to be seen with any other title. The 3D shines brighter than any stars gamers will have to collect and has elevated Mario to a whole new level. It gives gamers a true sense of depth and brings the environment to life. It’s a technical marvel and will give gamers a brand new experience with their favorite “pudgy plumber” friend.

Control wise, Super Mario 3D Land is the best that there is. It’s as if the 3DS’ circle pad was tailer made for Mario 3D Land and helps this magnificent game control flawlessly. Mario’s typical movements are all there and can be pulled off with ease. In no time I was butt-stomping, long-jumping and back-flipping all with precision controls and loved every minute of it. The games 2 button “run and jump” setup are easy enough for new-comers to test out and makes for an amazing experience. Even my 4 year old daughter gave it a go and was able to manipulate the game in such a way that she actually beat some levels and was excited to play more.

Super Mario 3D Land was literal “music to my ears”. Players will find themselves humming classical Mario tunes while enjoying all new melodies that will be playing through your handhelds speakers. Every jump, swipe, enemy stomp and flag-pole slide all have the familiar sights and sounds and provide long time Mario fans with nostalgic glee.

Super Mario 3D Land is reason alone to purchase a Nintendo 3DS. The system feels like it was tailer made for this outstanding game and truly shows the gaming world that Nintendo may have been right in deciding to make their latest handheld 3D. With visuals that are simply stunning and fantastic references to past Mario titles, Super Mario 3D Land is an extraordinary Mario game that should be experience by everyone. I truly loved it and think you will to.

Overall Myvideogamenews Score: 9.5 out of 10.

As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. 9.5!!! Wow…. I’ve played the game a bit, it did look pretty good, but I never got to try it in 3D, anybody know, is it better in 3D?

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