Nintendo 3DS Continues its Domination in Japan

Here are the latest sales figures out of Japan. You all will notice that Nintendo’s newest handheld has continued its domination in the land of the rising sun selling a staggering 94,011 units. Check out the numbers below:

3DS – 94,011
PS3 – 25,750
PSP – 19,875
Vita – 10,302
Wii – 9,270
PS2 – 1,333
Xbox 360 – 1,084
DSi LL – 1,058
DSi – 778

Journey: Flower Trophy Location

I know I had trouble with this so I thought I’d post a video of the tricky flower trophy location for Sony’s excellent Journey game. I walked around the desert for what seemed like hours and finally found the desert flower. Check out the video if you are stuck.

Be sure to check back later tonight for our full Journey review for PSN. Thanks for watching.

*Sorry about the quality…. I recorded it with my phone.

Nintendo Needs to Evolve Mario Kart

Hours upon hours upon hours; this is how I can describe my playtime with Nintendo’s long running Mario Kart series. Ever since they have released this stand out series, I have been hooked. Perfect gameplay, a ton of lovable Mario characters and outstanding track design has made this franchise one of Nintendo’s marquee titles and will continue to do so forever. To date, the Mario Kart franchise has sold nearly 90 million units worldwide across all titles and platforms and shows no signs of slowing down. Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart Wii continue to dominate sales charts and has been enjoyed the world over by millions of players everywhere.

However, after watching the newly released trailer for Sony’s upcoming LittleBigPlanet Karting and playing ModNationRacers, I believe it is high time to revamp Nintendo’s historic franchise and evolve it faster than a weak Pokemon.

First things first, gameplay wise Mario Kart is stunning. I love all the creative power ups, power slides and characters. I am not saying mess with the formula that has made the series popular in the first place rather truly make strides to evolve the series and make future games feel fresh and new.

One way Nintendo can instantly make the franchise evolve is add their own spin on the “play, create, share” component that has made the LittleBigPlanet series popular. By doing this, players would finally be able to create their own Nintendo worlds and open up an even bigger Mario Kart community. I can only begin to imagine the possibilities that this would open and with their forthcoming home console in the Wii U, I think this would be a perfect start to really change the series. Players could literally draw their creations right on the tablet controller and watch the terrain change in real time on their HD TV’s. It almost seems like a no brainer with the new console and the Wii U controller, I just hope Nintendo sees this as well.

Another thing that Nintendo can do is to drastically change the graphics of the title. With Nintendo finally embracing the HD era (I was beginning to think they would miss it entirely), it will be fantastic to see the series in glorious HD but how about with an all new graphics engine…. I’m thinking a Pixar movie with Nintendo character in it…. Now that would be nice and freshen up the series, don’t you think?

Customizable rides coupled with user generated tracks would round out the small list of changes I believe Nintendo should do with Mario Kart. By allowing gamers to customize their karts with skins and decals, it would individualize the cars and give gamers their own identity both online as well as in game. An easy customization component would allow creative players to truly explore their options and even lengthen their play time with this excellent series.

Nintendo, if you are reading, I am not saying drastically change what has made Mario Kart so successful; I am saying it is time to evolve the series and with the suggestions mentioned above, I think it would be a great start.

What do you guys think? Thanks for reading.

Japanese Hardware Sales (3/12 – 3/18)

Here are the latest hardware sales numbers for last week in Japan. The unstoppable Nintendo 3DS continues its reign as console of choice while the PS3 and PSP round out the top 3. Check out the res below:

3DS – 64,017
PS3 – 27,900
PSP – 18,633
Vita – 10,021
Wii – 8,127
PS2 – 1,165
Xbox 360 – 1,145
DSi LL – 853
DSi – 617