My Journey With PSN’s Journey (Review)

With all the hoop-la surrounding Thatvideogamecompany’s latest PSN release, I had to see what all the fuss was about. It seemed that nearly every corner of the internet was singing the praises of the recently released Journey for PSN and I succommed to the pressure. I had to download the game. After a quick download and installation, I planted myself on my favorite chair and got ready for what was supposed to be one of PSN’s best…. What I wasn’t prepared for was what was about to happen on my TV screen. From the mysterious beginning to its epic conclusion, I was instantly hooked to this masterpiece and absolutely LOVED every minute of it.

How did this PSN game fair? Read on and find out.

If I can describe Journey in one word it would have to be “beautiful”. I am not talking about the game from a pure visual standpoint either. The game is simply beautiful; from the easy control scheme to the breathtaking graphics to the games self-interpratiation “story”, PSN’s latest is, in a word, beautiful. From a pure visual standpoint, the game is a visual masterpiece showcasing some of the most impressive graphics I have ever seen in a video game. The deserts look like deserts, the art direction is wonderful and all the different effects throughout the game look and feel real. The cloak that the protagonist wears moves how it would under real weather conditions and officially blew my mind.

If I can describe Journey in two words, they would have to be “outstandingly stunning”. Although that description may not be the best of the best, I was literally at a loss for words once I completed the game even after a third time (I have since completed the game around 8 times).

Journey is a game that took me by surprise and never let go. It’s brief but amazing story leaves players to create their own interpretations of the presented story and can be taken a number of ways. Although I do not want to spoil the experience, I linked this game as a metaphor for life and took a lot away from the title. It was one of the few games that made me think about its deeper meaning and had me discussing it with friends and family members that watched me play or played the game themselves.

Journey is an experience and one of the best games not only in this generation, but ever created. It’s one of those games that really is enjoyable and will be a topic of gaming discussion for years to come. Don’t let its brevity scare you off as I can assure you players will play this game multiple times in order to collect everything and help fellow adventurers. It’s awesome and has taken over my thoughts and gaming time.

As always, thanks for reading.

Overall Myvideogamenews Score: 9.5 out of 10.


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