The Strengths and Weaknesses of The Big 3 at E3 2012

E3 2012 is fast approaching and the big 3 all seem to be lining up their ducks and getting ready for the big show. Gaming’s “superbowl” will no doubt deliver on many occasions and yours truly couldn’t be more excited. I feel like a kid on Christmas getting ready to tear into my presents and cannot wait for the conferences to start. Next week will be big for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and we have outlined the strengths and weaknesses of the big 3 for E3 2012. Have I mentioned I love this time of year?!

Read on and find out:

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Heroes Of Ruin Delayed For North America

Square Enix has just announced via a press release that its action role-playing game Heroes of Ruin has been delayed in North America. The game was originally slated to be released June 26th but has officially been delayed until July 17th. I am very excited for this one to come out and will be there on launch to pick it up.

Bummer on the delay though…

Source PR email.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review

The last time a Ghost Recon title saw the light of day on a home console was in 2007 in Advanced Warfighter 2. The year is 2012 and much has changed over the last 5 years for the genre. Call of Duty has become the juggernaut of the shooter genre and has gone on to sell millions upon millions of copies worldwide. While the inevitable comparison will arise, it should be noted that these two titles are similar in theme but offer two different playing experiences. Stealth is your friend in this stunning title and gives players a sense of feeling like a total bad ass.

Does the latest entry in the historic Ghost Recon franchise stand out or does it end up being just another shooter to play until November? Read on and find out.

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All New Wii U Rumors

We’ve already heard that Wii U developers have received their final development kits for Nintendo’s forthcoming home console but now we (apparently) have a list of new features for the upcoming system. According to a source over at Neogaf the latest dev kits will allow for voice chat, multitasking and facial recognition.

Here is the list below and let us know what you think:

Video Chat is available, but must be from the main menu of the system (not while playing a game).
Voice Commands are available (similar to this rumor we heard about the 3DS maybe?)
Facial Recognition (similar to features of the Xbox Kinect)
Ability to suspend games, similar to 3DS.
Ability to share achievements with friends by sending videos or screenshots with drawings on them.
Watch a friend play online
Multitasking (example: keep a text or video walkthrough open from the site while playing the game, swap back and forth as needed)

All New Tomb Raider Teaser Trailer

The new Tomb Raider is one of my most anticipated titles of…..NEXT YEAR! I am so mad that they decided to delay this reboot-of-a-series, but you know what they say; A delayed game eventually comes out but a bad game is bad forever (something like that)….

Enjoy the gorgeous teaser trailer.