If I Ran Microsoft, This is How E3 2012 Would Go Down

E3 2012 is right around the corner and the pressure seems to be on Microsoft this year as they have had a fantastic 2012 thus far and last year’s conference seemed a bit too focused on “Kinectivity”. The Kinect has no doubt found its way into millions of homes and has helped the XBOX 360 have longevity in this console race, I am just very interested to see what will happen this year at E3….

So, following our other story “If I ran Nintendo, this is how E3 2012 would go down“, If yours truly was in charge of Microsoft, this is how E3 2012 would go down.

The show would have to kick off with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The game is going to go on and sell millions upon millions of copies and will be the biggest selling entity for the entire year. Call of Duty Black Ops would be be front and center and Microsoft needs to discuss why it will be best on their home console. Hopefully Microsoft has captured some exclusive rights to multiplayer map packs and be able to boast this fact home during their press conference. The Call of Duty series has done spectacular on XBOX Live and really needs to nail this fact home.

From there, I would sprinkle a couple of “surprise titles” immedietly following Call of Duty. The titles would have to be exclusive titles for the 360 and help separate themselves from Sony’s already stellar lineup. Microsoft needs to establish a couple of key franchises and help steal some of Nintendo and Sony’s thunder.

The lights would dim and a montage of 3rd party content would hit the screen. Everything from Dead or Alive 5 to Resident Evil 6 would be shown and it would be marvelous. The lights would come on and out would come the first speaker.

The presenter would discuss the tremendous success of XBOX Live and announce some sweet new features regarding the ubber-popular network. They would outline the popularity of the online features that are on the 360 and state that this kind of experience can “only be found on Microsoft”. The presenter would then turn our attention to all new XBLA titles and then inform us that some of the “newly announced” titles would be available for download this week.

The future of Kinect would be discussed in the next part of the show but not overly pushed like last year’s E3. Another video would hit and show off some promising Kinect titles in development topped with some sort of price cut for the perepheril.

After the crowd settled down a bit, another presenter would take center stage to discuss the future of the XBOX brand. Although the next XBOX is still a ways off, I would announce that the system is in development and discuss the next home console in some detail. I wouldn’t divulge all the tricks that the new home console would offer but I would discuss enough features to steal some of Wii U’s inevitable thunder.

Concluding the show would be nothing other than Microsoft’s juggernaut title, Halo 4. The creative team over at 343 studios have been very busy crafting their Halo masterpiece and the show would have to end with a GIANT trailer for the game. The trailer would have to get everyone talking for the weeks to come and help propel the series to new levels.

As always, thanks for reading and I will be eager to hear your thoughts.


  1. I would have some news of buy some already established game delvelopers , like epic games, insomniac,Thq something along those lines. Can imagine how the other 2 console houses would react or imagine how they would try to top it at that moment.

  2. I would have some news of buy some already established game delvelopers , like epic games, insomniac,Thq .

  3. Great job .. You left out the new music service and some new xbox live features . But that would be a great show

  4. “Hopefully Microsoft has captured some exclusive rights to multiplayer map packs ” fuck you
    from ps3 gamers.

  5. So, you would just push Forza Horizon is with a montage of other exclusive titles, or was that a game you wouldn’t even mention…

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