All New Monster Hunter 4 Trailer

Here is an all new Monster Hunter 4 trailer for your viewing pleasure. The game looks absolutely incredible and makes me feel happy that I am a Nintendo 3DS owner. I am hoping we get confirmation of a Western release as this game looks too good to miss. Monster Hunter 4 could single handedly carry the handheld in 2013 for Japan…

I can only imagine what else is coming along for the 3DS. Enjoy the trailer everyone.

New Pikmin 3 Information In Next Official Nintendo Magazine

The next issue of the official Nintendo magazine promises to contain new Pikmin 3 information that we haven’t heard before. Pikmin was one of my favorite franchises for the Gamecube and am thrilled that Nintendo finally decided to bring it back.

Here is the quote from the magazine:

“Great Things come in small packages! Join us as we reveal a ton of secrets from Nintendo’s sumptuous strategy game!”

I can’t wait.


Japanese Hardware Sales (6/18 – 6/24)

Here are the latest Japanese hardware sales from Japan. As expected, the Nintendo 3DS continues its reign as champ overseas selling an impressive 68,056 units while Sony’s Vita handheld saw a nice growth in sales.

Here is the full rundown below:

3DS – 68,056
PS3 – 15,680
Vita – 13,589
PSP – 8,954
Wii – 6,127
Xbox 360 – 1,073
PS2 – 1,065
DSi = 900
DSi LL – 704

Mario Tennis Open Review

Mario Tennis Open has arrived on Nintendo 3DS and everything that we have come to know and love about the franchise arrives in portable fashion. Mario has been playing tennis with his comrades for over 10 years and with this new entry into the series, it looks like the pudgy little plumber and all of his friends won’t stop hitting the courts anytime soon.

How did the game fair? Read on and find out!

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