eShop Review: Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D Review

Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D has recently hit the eShop and Myvideogamenews is here to give you the full review. For only $1.99, players will be able to shoot and loot their way to treasures beyond measure, but only have a minute and a half to do it. While the game is a very simple concept, it does provide fun for players who may be wanting a snack sized title to goof around with while waiting for a bus or are grocery shopping.

How does this game fair? Read on and find out!

In Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D, players point and shoot to defeat evil chickens and collect treasure….That’s it. Players have 90 seconds to shoot their way to treasure and try and best their previous score. While the title may not contain the “meat” of a long-houred video game, this “appetizer” sure does taste good in preparation for our “main course” video games. It’s a quick experience that helps players waist time and just want to play a quick game.

For 2 bucks, players are getting a what they paid for; a small and entertaining title that is easy on the eyes and is pretty fun to play. The game is vibrant and colorful and utilizes the 3D feature decently. Control wise the game is pretty spot on with players using the touch screen and stylus to look around and the R and L buttons shoot your weapon. The game almost reminded me a bit of Duck Hunt from Nintendo’s own back catalog.

All in all for 2 bucks, people can get worse. While I am fully aware that this review is brief, understand that so is the game. Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D is fun in spurts and will help fill some time while waiting in line somewhere or if players just want some mindless fun. It will not win any awards but it does prove to be entertaining.

Overall Myvideogamenews Score: 7.0 out 10

Thanks for reading.

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