Nano Assault Neo Review

Nano Assault Neo is awesome. This new title to hit the Wii U on their eShop is stunningly beautiful and deserves your attention. Nano Assault Neo is breathtaking and controls like a dream. If this is the quality that we can expect from the eShop, I will be filling my system up very fast.

How did Nano Assault Neo fair? Read on and find out in our official Nano Assault Neo Review.

Nano Assault Neo is a twin stick shooter. Players use the left thumb stick to move around and the right thumb stick to shoot the enemies. It’s intense, it’s gorgeous and it’s fun. Think if Geometry Wars and Super Mario Galaxy had a baby and you have Nano Assault Neo. It controls and shoots like Geometry Wars but the level design is all Super Mario Galaxy. Players shoot their way and clear cells over 16 different stages and things get pretty intense quickly.

Although the title is short it’s very sweet and has provided me with a very satisfying experience. I loved being able to jump right into the game (either on my big screen or strictly on my Wii U Gamepad) and have played this one over and over. There are online leader boards so the re-playability is very high if you wish to climb the ranks among the world.

Past that there isn’t a whole lot to this game. It’s simple and beautiful yet intensely satisfying and controls like a dream. The game has 16 action packed levels (20 with the bonus levels) and only will set you back $10. If you’re looking for an amazing shooter, Nano Assault Neo is your game. It utilizes the Wii U gamepad without feeling gimmicky and can be played solely with the controller. All in all I have no qualms about this game and am recommending it to anyone who is even remotely interested.

Overall Myvideogamenews Score: 9.0 out of 10.

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