Rabbids Land Review

What’s not to like about the Rabbids? They’re funny, cute and have established themselves as a key franchise for Ubisoft. Back when they made their debut on the original Wii, players were taken by surprise by a very polished and humerous mini-game collection that was very entertaining and very fun to play. Fast forward to the Wii U’s launch game in Rabbids Land and we are still treated to nearly the same title but in a less entertaining way.

How does this Wii U launch title fair? Read our Rabbids Land Review and find out.

The Rabbids are now taking over an amusement park and they plan to make the most of their day by invading all of the attractions. To bring you all up to speed, Rabbids Land revolves around a four-player electronic board game (think Nintendo’s own Mario Party). The board is made up of three rings, one of which is the central starting area and two of which contain a variety of squares with special boxes. The point of the game is to travel around the electronic board, completing objectives to win a set number of trophies, before returning to the middle ring. Like I said, think Mario Party. What stinks is that I believe that this whole notion of an all out “fun electronic board game” could totally work; it just hasn’t been fully realized by anyone as of yet.

The mini-games are slow paced, simplistic, and a tad boring. It’s not terrible and they do hold some value, it’s just that Rabbids Land doesn’t really push the envelope with what the Wii U is capable of. Sure it makes decent use of the Wii U Gamepad but with the already stunning Nintendo Land available, this one needed a little more to engage the players who are playing the game.

To make matters worse, players actually spend most of your time not playing it. A lot of the time we are stuck watching a dice roll or our friends play a mini game and just needed to do more. I know this isn’t the longest review out there regarding the game but in all honesty, there’s not too much past what has already been said. I LOVE the crazy Rabbids and would like to see them evolved and Ubisoft really take full advantage of this promising franchise. All in all players will walk away with an “OK feeling. It’s decent but not good.

Overall Myvideogamenews Score: 6.0 out 0f 10.

As always, thanks for reading everyone.

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