New Super Mario Bros. U Review

Something strange happened to me while playing the New Super Mario Bros for Wii U. Within the first opening hour of the game I was transported to my younger days of gaming and felt pure joy while playing the title.

I will fully admit that when Nintendo announced that a New Super Mario title was headed to Wii U, I was a bit disappointed to learn that the game would not be in 3D. After an hour or so of playing this all new Mario adventure, all those fears were erased and what was left was a very fun video game.

How does this game fair? Read our New Super Mario Bros. U review and find out

New Super Mario Bros. U is a fine first entry for Nintendo and the world of HD. With Nintendo finally embracing high definition graphics (it’s about darn time) the outcome is nothing short of spectacular and the mushroom kingdom looks mighty fine. All the colors and details that we have all come to know about Mario all look outstanding in HD and subtle lighting effects makes me very excited about the future. The vibrant colors make the characters jump off the screen and the crazy attention to details both in the foreground and backgrounds of the game make this a marvel to look at.

Control wise, New Super Mari Bros. U is spot on. I had absolutely no problem running and jumping my way through the game and Mario’s adventures always have been about precision controls. New Super Mari Bros. U also features the off screen TV play and the game can be played entirely on the Wii U gamepad. This amazing feature came in handy when my wife wanted to watch one of her shows on TV. The minute she asked if she could check out something from the DVR, I immediately popped in New Super Mari Bros. U.

New Super Mari Bros. U has a lot going for it and is a perfect first Mario game for people to enjoy. It doesn’t make crazy use of the Wi U gamepad, but the off screen TV play is an amazing feature and will keep gamers who have a lot of people fighting over the big screen busy for hours and hours. The game controls like a dream, is beautiful to look at and has classic Mario written all over it. The over-world map is fantastic and brought me back to my SNES days.

At the end of the day, video games are supposed to be fun. New Super Mari Bros. U is not only very fun, it feels like an all new Mario adventure and will keep players busy well after they save the princess. The multiplayer is fun and frantic and the game is downright gorgeous. If you have a Wii U, I urge you to check New Super Mari Bros. U out. It’s a fun entry to the long standing Mario series and ushers in Nintendo into the HD era. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Overall Myvideogamenews Score: 9.5 out of 10.

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