4 Things I Want to See With PS4

Sony is getting ready to unveil the future of the Playstation brand and I couldn’t be more excited. The PS3 has provided us with some AMAZING exclusives and a number more are coming in the next few months that will help tide us over until their 4th home console arrives.

With the PS4 looming in the distance, I have decided to make a list of the top 4 things I want to see with PS4 and you can check them out below:

Backward Compatibility

The PS3 was sort of backward compatible (6 years ago) but with the new PS4 headed to retail later this year, we want it to be FULLY backward compatible! I hope that Sony realizes the importance of this much needed feature and includes it in the PS4. It may not be a deal breaker for some but if we are ready to hand over a decent amount of money, I am really hoping the new system will let me play my current favorites on the device.

Cross Buy With PS Vita

Sony introduced something very cool last year… It was the cross buy system for PS3 and PS Vita owners… Basically if someone purchases a game for their PS3, they get a downloadable code for their PS Vita. It’s a very interesting strategy and one I hope Sony doesn’t abandon. I don’t know how they would pull it off being that the new home console is going to be very powerful, but I am hoping we get more of this cross buy, cross play feature for the next Playstation.

The Social Media Rumors to be True

There are a number of rumors flying around that the next Playstation will allow users to take in-game screenshots and videos and post them from their console to the internet. That feature sounds downright awesome and I hope that this rumor pans out to be true. I would love to be able to take some sweet screenshots and post them directly to our twitter account for all to see. Imagine posting a sweet kill that you got in Call of Duty directly to youtube straight from your PS4. How sweet would that be?!

A Tablet Like Controller With 4 Player Support

With the rise of tablet gaming and Nintendo’s Wii U, players are getting more and more used to using a tablet like device as a controller. Wouldn’t it be a nail in a certain companies coffin if Sony decided to include a tablet like controller with the PS4 complete with 4 player support. This want may be a bit far fetched but we will see come February 20th.

As always, thanks for reading. Let us know what things you would like to see in the new Playstation.

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  1. No tablets. BC yes, but not on the standard SKU. Rather pay more for a BC version then have Sony shoot themselves in the foot again with a bloated standard SKU.

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