LEGO City Undercover For Wii U Requires 22GB of Space

The digital version of the upcoming LEGO City Undercover for Wii U requires 22GB of space, according to recent reports. 22GB of space is A LOT of space for any Wii U owners and those looking to purchase LEGO City Undercover digitally (which is what I planned on doing), may want to invest in an external hard drive.

I wanted to download this game digitally but I think that may change come Sunday. I didn’t want to purchase a external hard drive as well but we will see….

Wii U owners, how do you plan on getting this one?


  1. WOAH! Computers 12 years ago hardly even had that much space for their hard drive.

  2. Why’s it gotta be like this? I’m planning on buying a retail copy, but this news is still interesting. My question is: can I buy one external hard drive to use with BOTH my Wii U and PS3 simultaneously?

    So far I’ve downloaded some eShop games and ZombiU.

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