Little Inferno For Wii U is on Sale For Cheap

This just in, Little Inferno for Wii U is on sale for cheap!! The game is currently discounted for just $5.00! The main page of the Wii U eShop doesn’t actually advertise this amazing deal but you can currently grab yourself a download of Little Inferno for just $5. No word on when the sale ends but those who have been on the fence about downloading this eShop title (myself included), may want to pick this up today.

Awesome stuff if you’re looking for something to download for your Wii U.


  1. This game is addictive and compelling as all heck. Of course I bought it at full price shortly before the sale. But U know what? I don’t mind, cuz it’s brilliant! And it plays BEAUTIFULLY on Wii U, television or gamepad alone. U should get it!

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