Guacamelee Review

I had never heard of Guacamelee. Guacamelee was never on my “gaming radar” and if I hadn’t heard a lot of buzz surrounding the game, I may have missed out on this outstanding downloadable title. Guacamelee was recently released as a cross-buy downloadable title for the PS Vita and PS3 and it is amazing! The game is beautiful. The game is crazy and the game is one of the best titles to hit the PS Vita and PS3.

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Guacamelee is an open-world action game…. Think classic Super Metroid and Castlevania games and throw in an amazing style of its own. It’s short but great. It’s familiar, yet new. It’s simplistic and artistic all rolled in one. Guacamelee can be beaten in a single day but will also give players reasons to go back for more (there are a ton of collectables in the game).


Guacamelee! features a “down on his luck Mexican” named Juan Aguacate, who sets out to save the world when El Presidente’s Daughter is kidnapped by an Evil Charro Skeleton named Carlos Calaca. The story takes place in and around a small village in Mexico, and has the player swapping between dimensions known as “The Living World” and “The Dead World” on his quest to rescue the girl he loves.

Swapping between dimensions is an interesting game mechanic and one that kept me busy throughout this amazing adventure. Although the game really utilizes this feature about halfway through the title, I found it pretty cool to flesh out during boss fights and normal gameplay.


Graphically speaking, Guacamelee is gorgeous. The game just oozes style and is a visual masterpiece for PS Vita and PS3 owners alike. The character models are outstanding and the game has a number of memorable characters for players to fall in love with. The storyline is funny, the gameplay is spot on and it’s just fun to play. Video games are supposed to be about fun and with the hilariously whimsical storyline and over the top characters and gameplay, Guacamelee definitely delivers in the “fun” department.

If you have some extra cash on your PS Vita or PS3 and are looking for an outstanding game, look no further than Guacamelee. It’s a joy to play, will keep you busy for hours and shouldn’t be ignored. This game came out of nowhere for me and I am truly happy to have downloaded this one. Guacamelee offers some fresh ideas while still feeling like an old classic (Metriod/Castlevania). Anyone I come in contact with that has either of Sony’s machines I will be recommending this downloadable game to and you should consider downloading this today.

As always, thanks for reading.

Overall Myvideogamenews score: 9.0 out of 10.

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