Has F-Zero U Has Just Been Outed

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Rumor: F-Zero U Has Just Been Outed?

Ah Twitter, you lovely little (HUGE) social network. According to a new tweet, F-Zero U has just been outed by Shin’en Multimedia. In a conversation with one of its followers, Shin’en Multimedia had the following to say when user @Rayquaza3010 questioned them about a possible F-Zero Wii U game:

Don’t worry, we have something in the works.

Fans of the popular racing series have been clamoring for an all new F-Zero title and a F-Zero game for Wii U would fit the bill. F-Zero GX, which was release on the Gamecube, looked incredible so I can only imagine what F-Zero U would look like.

Keep it here as we will be keeping our eyes and ears open for more F-Zero U rumors. Would you like to see F-Zero on Nintendo latest home console?

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4 comments to Has F-Zero U Has Just Been Outed

  • John  says:

    Just about died when i read this. My hero, F-Zero!

  • Jabjabs  says:

    Probably just a sequel to Fast Racing League.

  • McFox  says:

    Would love another F-Zero game developed by Sega (like the Gamecube one).

  • best stuff  says:

    In fact when someone doesn’t be aware of then its up to other users that they will help, so here it takes place.

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