Here is The Official Box Art For The Wonderful 101


Here is The official box art for The Wonderful 101. Earlier today it was announced that the Wii U exclusive title is headed to retail on September 15th for North America and on August 23 in Europe. Although I think it’s a HUGE mistake launching this game during “GTAV” week, I will be picking this one up regardless of when it’s released. The Wonderful 101 just looks to darn sweet to me.

Do you like the official box art for the game? Let me know in the comment section.


  1. This is the among best box art in recent memory. Gosh, viva BOX ART! Can’t wait. And yes, counterprogramming regarding GTA release window? But also an opportunity for jokes and humiliation from media parrots? Or a chance to silence doubters? Sigh, guess we’ll see. Day one for me, regardless.

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