The Wonderful 101 on Front Page of Yahoo

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Great news for The Wonderful 101; the game is currently on the front page of and should bring some attention to the Wii U exclusive. The yahoo story was about Summer Games Guide 2013 and featured heavy hitters such as Madden 25 and Splinter Cell Blacklist.

In The Wonderful 101, players will be able to use the Wii U Gamepad to transform a mob of superheroes into giant fists, swords and other weapons as they defend cities from alien attacks. The Wii U title looks very promising and I hope it delivers when it’s finally released.

The Wonderful 101 comes out on September 15th for Wii U.

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  1. Man, when I keep thinking that I Nintendo need to give me new exclusives, then I remind myself of Wonderful 101. But it seems a bit too “cheesy”, so I’m really hung up on whether I should get it or not.

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