Pikmin 3 Review


Pikmin 3 is a system seller. The game is a gorgeous achievement on Nintendo’s latest home console and joins the Wii U library as an essential title for the system. If you have yet to play a Pikmin title, this is a perfect point of entry and proves that once Nintendo finds its core concept, they will prefect it until its flawless. Pikmin 3 is a bright spot that shines on the Wii U and has a undeniable charm that Nintendo often delivers.

How did this game fair? Read our official Pikmin 3 review to find out.


Pikmin 3 expands on the gameplay of the previous Pikmin titles. Players command a horde of up to 100 plant-like creatures called Pikmin and use their unique abilities to explore in-game worlds and uncover treasures within them. Pikmin can be directed to accomplish various tasks, such as building bridges, destroying barriers, and defeating enemies. The Pikmin themselves come in various colours that signify their special abilities or immunities to hazards and is an absolute joy to play.

As the story goes, the inhabitants of the planet Koppai are suffering from a shortage of food. Two inhabitants from the planet, Alph and Charlie, along with a botanist from the colonised moon Kopali, named Brittany, are sent to explore a planet which they name “PNF-404”. Unfortunately for the all new cast of explorers, they crash-land and are separated from one another. They discover that their surroundings carry an abundance of fruit and need the cute little Pikmin to help them harvest it.


Exploring the lush environments within this beautiful world captured my inner child and I felt young again. Although I love the franchise from its Gamecube days, Pikmin 3 truly comes alive with its HD visuals and breathtaking environments. Pikmin 3 mends together strategic thinking, exploration, and life-or-death struggles against colorful creatures. I felt bad sending my little armies into the dangerous fray and when the Pikmin ghosts pop up signifying they have gone to a better place, I felt bad for my little guys.

Pikmin 3 offers a number of control schemes for the player and you will have to decide which one suites you best. Players can use either the Wii U gamepad, the Wii U pro controller or the Wii Nunchuck and Wii remote. Although the Wii remote and nunchuck will probably be the best fit for most, I still love the off TV play that the Wii U gamepad gives and was my choice of play.

Everything about the game is beautiful. The characters, the Pikmin themselves, the environments and the creatures that inhabit this vibrant world are all amazing to look at and truly showcase the Wii U’s potential. To top this all off, Pikmin 3 features an addictive multiplayer section and will no doubt add to the users experience.

All in all, Pikmin 3 is a system seller. It’s gorgeous, fun to play and supports a lot of Wii U’s unique features (the Miiverse community is AWESOME). It offers gamers a variety of control schemes and looks stunning either in the big screen or on the Wii U gamepad. I truly hope that this game is played by many and gives the Wii U another stellar title.

Overall Myvideogamenews score: 9.0 out of 10


  1. Nice review!

    Man, the only reason I haven’t picked up Pikmin 3 yet is because from a couple of reviews, they say the game is too short. And if there’s something I would like in my games, is “replayabilty”, especially solo replayability. I understand you play the campaign again and try to finish with a better score but O usually am not into those… So instead, I picked up Most Wanted 🙂 I’ll hopefully get it when the price drops.

  2. This game is great, I think the best Pikmin yet becuz of its challenge AND accessibility. I don’t give a fuck if it’s short, it’s gorgeous and well-done. I’m having a blast. Multiplayer is also unbelievable. Bingo Battle is outstanding, it’s just a shame there is no online multiplayer. Another missed opportunity on an otherwise excellent game. A must have, hands down.

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