Just Dance Kids 2014 Review


Families everywhere celebrate; Just Dance Kids 2014 has just been released and is a quality title for parents looking to get their kids up and moving. I am a father of 5 so when the Just Dance series decided to put out Just Dance Kids, I was very happy with the decision. It’s “safer” song selection mixed with the fantastic gameplay of the Just Dance series makes this video game a no brainer for families looking for a great dance title.

How does this game fair? Read our official Just Dance Kids 2014 to find out.


The songs in Just Dance Kids 2014 are way safer than the selection in Just Dance 2014. Kids will be “Walking on Sunshine”, rocking out to Yo Gabba Gabba and jamming to Selena Gomez. The best part about Just Dance Kids 2014 is parents can join their children. Gaming with my kids is always a blast and I love the fact that UbiSoft make a title tailor made for youngsters. There is something so wonderful about spending quality time with my family playing these types of games and I never needed to worry about the track list (My kids are 8 and under).

Other than the family friendly aspect of this game, Just Dance Kids 2014 sticks to the familiar formula that has made the series famous. You will dance. You will sweat and you will have fun. This game will give everyone a good time and will allow players to get a nice work out.

We have already reviewed Just Dance 2014 here and this game follows the familiar pattern. It’s good old fashion fun and family friendly for everyone. If you have little ones and are afraid to expose them to the “less tame” Just Dance 2014 track list, pick this one up. The presentation is amazing, the colors are vibrant and gameplay is on spot. Be sure to pick this one up for the holiday season.

Overall Myviedogamenews score: 8 out of 10.

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