Super Mario 3D World Review


Super Mario 3D World is magnificent. I could probably end this review right there in hopes that anyone who reads this goes out and experiences this game for themselves. But I am not going to stop this review there my friends…. Oh no. You NEED to understand just how good this game is. It is the reason to own a Wii U and has become my favorite Super Mario title of all time (big shoes to fill but it’s the truth).

So how does this new Wii U release fair (in case you haven’t figured it out yet)? Read on for our official Super Mario 3D World and find out.


From start to finish, Super Mario 3D World is exceptional. The game grabbed a hold of me and hasn’t let go since its release. Even though I have already completed the game, posted a number of pictures on our twitter feed and talked with fellow gamers over Miiverse, I still cannot get enough of this title and see myself completing it multiple times.

Back when Super Mario 3D World was originally announced, I was a bit disappointed. Sure the 3DS version of the game was amazing but I (thought) I wanted something “more”. I didn’t think this could fill my Mario fix properly and felt that this was just another 3DS version of a great Mario game. I mean, how much fun could clear warp pipes and a cat suit be? Boy was I dead wrong. Not only did Super Mario 3D World surprise me at every turn, it has quickly become my favorite Super Mario title of all time.

Every single level in the game introduced new and innovative ideas and rarely was reproduced throughout the entire game. Every single level felt fresh and new and I constantly was stating “Are you kidding Nintendo?” all in a joyful way. Nintendo really transformed me into a kid again and have made one of the most amazing video games ever.


The 5 characters to choose from offer a range of abilities and add a sense of depth that previous Mario titles may have been lacking. Sure it’s always fun to play as everyone’s favorite plumber but playing as different characters within the mushroom kingdom proved to be an added bonus next to the series super star. If you are having trouble completing a level simply give it a try with someone in the supporting cast.


I have to say that my mind was officially blown away by the amazing graphics of Super Mario 3D World. I know graphics do not make a game but this title sure is one beautiful game. Seeing individual hairs on Bowsers hair or the sparkling shimmers off the waves in water levels spring the environments to life and are remarkable to take in. The over world map allows players to traverse its landscape and brings a welcome addition to the popular series. I truly felt transported to these amazing locals and every single level felt fresh and new. It seemed like every time I thought I found my “favorite” level, another brilliantly designed board would take its place. It was a welcome surprise at every turn and I have no idea how Nintendo pulled it off.

The musical score throughout the entire adventure is astonishing. You will hum along with the background music and was something I picked up on immediately. I normally don’t notice the soundtrack to a title unless its exceptional and Super Mario 3D World delivers.

I could go on and on but understand this; Super Mario 3D World is flawless. This title alone showcases that Nintendo still “has it” when it comes to making video games and has put together a technical video game masterpiece. Super Mario 3D World is a must own for any Wii U owner and will hopefully go on to be a system seller for Nintendo’s latest home console. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Mushroom Kingdom and I will be going back for a lot more. It’s an unbelievable adventure that should not be missed.

Overall Myvideogamenews’ score: 10 out of 10.

Absolutely phenomenal.

*All pictures in this review were taken directly from my gameplay. Beautiful isn’t it?


  1. This game is a huge surprise. I felt the same way when it was first announced, but each successive trailer hyped it up beautifully, and playing it myself really blew me away. Instant joy, unbelievable design in gameplay, art, and sound. Amazing! How does Nintendo DO it? Creating something we didn’t know we wanted? Game on!

  2. I 100% agree with this review, I’ve only just finished world 6 but boy this game is phenomenal! I haven’t had this much fun in a mario platformers since galaxy 2! I reckon it is easily a contender for being the best super mario title to date!

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