Speed Quizzing makes traditional pub quizzes seem ancient


Pub quizzes continue to attract considerable public attention through its ability to bring people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life to use their knowledge and intelligence towards answering a series of questions. Although pub quizzes are taken seriously by most participants, they create a fun and friendly atmosphere that makes for an enjoyable night for all concerned.

Traditional pub quizzes are organised across numerous areas to provide the excitement and test of knowledge that people crave. While the pen and paper method is effective, it often leaves the question as to whether certain participants use their tablet or smartphone device to access the internet for answers, and therefore cheat. As with many other activities in the digital era, technology has found a way to effectively revolutionise the quiz and potentially render the traditional methods obsolete. SpeedQuizzing is a prime example of a company that is not only at the forefront of modern technology, but also going through a rebranding process to increase brand awareness and number of hosts taking on the new concept.

How the App Works

Speed quizzing events are organised in pubs and bars for locals to enjoy a new twist to traditional quizzes. Upon entering the location, a participant from each team is asked to download an application from the SpeedQuizzing website onto their tablet or smartphone in order to actively answer questions in a new, innovative way.

The device becomes the active method of providing an answer to the quiz master, whether it is through pressing a letter for multiple choice questions, typing and entering a word on a normal keypad, or giving a number through a screen similar to that seen on calculator apps. The app can also be used as a buzzer to answer quick-fire and picture rounds which gets the quiz master involved with its audience. All devices actively connect to a laptop which the quiz host controls to not only read out questions and send picture-based questions to each team, but also electronically record the scores as the quiz progresses.

Integrating wireless devices into a quiz not only creates a more simplistic and effective method of hosting and scoring a quiz, but also eradicate the one main issue with traditional quizzes. Combined with the quick speed tempo of the quiz, using a tablet or smartphone effectively denies any chance for participants to cheat and find the answers out via text or the internet. This creates a more fair and enjoyable quiz experience for all concerned.


The Rebrand of SpeedQuizzing

While the new concept of hosting and playing quizzes has made a positive impact in the areas it has currently been tested in, SpeedQuizzing have spent the last six weeks focusing on a speed quizzing re-design process that hopefully leads to further success in the future. A major part of the process consisted of looking at the style of the product and whether it can move away from the pub aspect that quizzes have long been associated with. Removing the word ‘Pub’ from the title not only creates a friendlier vibe to the quiz experience that does not have to involve booze-filled tables and alcohol, but also presents new opportunities for the quiz to be held in other venues where people naturally gather, such as church halls. Although SpeedQuizzing is the company name and the game you will play, the title is also flexible to incorporate variables that tailor in specific locations or venues. This not only allows promotional material, such as posters and flyers, to be more dynamic in attracting a big attendance, but also advertises a more forward-thinking approach to quizzes that is both fun, entertaining and creative.

Promote the Future

As part of any rebranding process carried out by a business, SpeedQuizzing analysed their logo and advertising material to see what the general consensus thought of the original concepts and what changes could be made to attract the greater level of consumer interest. A survey was compiled and sent to a number of partners and associates, which included a graphic designer, a quiz host and a number of marketing professionals. Receiving a high quality of qualitative feedback could only help to make a considerable impact on the executive choices made towards the logo and overall design of promotional material. Like any other company, SpeedQuizzing had to create a brand that not only resembles the professionalism and standards the company sets itself, but also resemble the overall element of excitement and pleasure that people get from playing a quiz. Finding a balance between colours, graphical detail and overall design is fundamental towards tailoring SpeedQuizzing on their intended target audience; although quizzes are ultimately open to people of all ages to play and enjoy, the rebrand had to branch out to those who participate in venue-based quiz events and get them excited to take part.