First Pics of Lucario in Super Smash Bros

Here are the first screenshots of Lucario in the new Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The newly announced character is set to join the battle and will have an increased aura this time around. The new Super Smash Bros is set to launch later this year.

What do you guys think?

Microsoft Giving $100 Store Credit Towards Xbox One if You Ditch Your PS3


For everyone who may be on the fence about getting an XBOX One and own a PS3; Microsoft retail stores are giving away $100 in store credit if you “ditch” your PS3 for an XBOX One. This may be Microsoft’s answer to the price gap between its newest console and the PS4… Interesting marketing to say the least and I wonder how many people will actually bite on this.

Nintendo, Do This For 2014

imgmario party ds4

Everyone and their mother seems to have an opinion on what Nintendo needs to do in order to succeed so I thought why not add my two cents into the mix. Nintendo has been a staple in the gaming industry and it would be ashame if something happened to where they were not producing consoles anymore. This article outlines what Nintendo needs to do for 2014 and not what they need to do to “survive” (they still have 11 BILLION dollars in cold, hard cash so they should be good for some time)…

So without further ado, Nintendo, if you’re listing, DO THIS IN 2014!

Attend E3 and pull out all the stops

Like the next guy, I LOVE my Nintendo Directs. I stay up late to see when the new one will be on and make an event of it when they are shown but Nintendo needs to bring back the glory days of E3 and display their most popular franchises front and center. Nintendo needs to make a GIGANTIC spectacle at E3 and display a new Zelda, Metriod, StarFox and whatever else they have cooking. Get gamers talking about them again and try and crash the E3 2014 party. Pull out all the stops and you will gain at least some good attention to your console and your company (and right now they need something). Heck, even announce an all new console for all I care, just show up to E3 and bring your “A” game.

Stop being so damn secretive

We know there is a Zelda title in development. We know Mario Kart is coming. We know that Smash Bros is set to release this year so why so damn secretive Nintendo? Show off Zelda, tease it somehow or at least show SOMETHING, ANYTHING regarding the game. Give us dates as to when we can play Mario Kart and a time frame of when to expect the new Super Smash Bros game for Wii U and 3DS. If recent events hold true, I think Nintendo needs to start spilling the beans on some of their secrets and let us know what we are going to get to play this year. You had a giant head start over your competitors and that has now been erased. Start talking and stop being so damn secretive.


Continue Nintendo Directs but announce them sooner

As mentioned above, I love me some Nintendo Directs and I say keep them coming. This is their way of connecting with gamers on a more personal level but I think they should announce them a little sooner and bring some surprises and teasers along with them. The whole point is to get people talking about your system and right now people only seem to be talking negative about the big N. I find Nintendo Directs exciting and it would be wise for Nintendo to give gamers a little more warning as to when they are coming.

Advertise your console and be proud of it

The Wii U is struggling. It has been since launch and I understand that this may be the trend for this generation of Nintendo’s home console. My question is simply this; WHERE THE HECK IS THE ADVERTISING? What in the world happened to Nintendo’s magic when it comes to advertising? Where is the edgy “Get N or get out”? Where is the catchy “Wii would like to play” style commercials? I just don’t get how Nintendo could drop the ball so much in terms of advertising their newest console.

As always, thanks for reading everyone.

PlayStation Now Beta Invites Are Being Sent Now by Sony

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.42.54 PM

The first wave of PlayStation Now beta invites have just been sent by Sony Computer Entertainment America, according to NeoGAF user tokyostomp.

According to the invitation, in order to enjoy the best experience with the beta version of the new service, you’ll need to have your PS3 connected to your router via ethernet cable and your internet connection will need to be 5mbps or faster. The beta is not currently available on PS4 but we expect that to change in the near future.


Titanfall Collector’s Edition Boxart Revealed


The official box art for the upcoming Titanfall Collector’s Edition has been revealed and you can check it out above. Although I prefer the normal box art, I have to say that this one is pretty awesome as well. Check out the box art and let me know what you guys think.

Titanfall is headed to XBOX One, XBOX 360 and PC in March. Count me in.



Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has revealed that he will take a 50 per cent pay cut for the next five months, following a press conference discussing its Q3 financial results. The president also announced today that two of the company’s directors, including beloved video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, will take a 30 per cent pay cut as well. Other board members will also have their salaries reduced by 20 per cent.

Later tonight (8PM EST) Nintendo will hold a investor meeting and will (hopefully) outline what their plans are to turn their current situation around. Keep it here for more details.

All New Bravely Default Gameplay Trailer

Nintendo has just uploaded an all new Bravely Default gameplay trailer for our viewing pleasure. Bravely Default features multiple gameplay elements such as Streetpass, sleep points, and the ability to adjust the rate of enemy encounters and is headed to the Nintendo 3DS on February 7th. The game looks incredible and will start this year off right for 3DS owners.

Enjoy the new Bravely Default gameplay trailer everyone.

Here is The Amazing Nintendo 3DS Bravely Default Television Commercial

Here is the amazing Nintendo 3DS Bravely Default television commercial for your viewing pleasure. The game looks absolutely outstanding and I hope we see this commercial all over the television. Bravely Default will be available on February 7th in North America. If you are eager to play the game right now, there is also a playable demo on the Nintendo eShop via 3DS.

Enjoy the commercial everyone.