Rayman Legends XBOX One Review

Platforming greatness has arrived to the next generation XBOX in Rayman Legends. One of the greatest platformers of all time has arrived for XBOX One looking stunning as ever and brings XBOX one owners another stellar title. Simply put, Rayman Legends is platforming greatness. Not only is this game beautiful (now even more “beautifuller” on XBOX One); not only is the game amazing; it is one of the greatest titles of all time and it deserves your attention.

How did this game fair (as if you didn’t know by our opening paragraph)? Read our official Rayman legends review and find out.


Not much has changed from our previous review on this outstanding title, so check out our review for the game. What started out as a Wii U exclusive title has quickly become one of the greatest (if not the greatest) platforming games of all time. From the tight controls to the breathtaking graphics, Rayman Legends is the pinnacle of the platforming genre and has “Game of the Year” written all over it. Rayman legends sports lush visuals, epic boss battles and an enormous amount of things to collect and should keep gamers busy for hours upon hours. The XBOX One version of the title is silky smooth and the colorful graphics will pop right out of you HDTV.

Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies have been sleeping for a century. During that time, the Bubble Dreamer’s nightmares grew in strength and numbers, plunging the world into chaos once again. The gang must run, jump and fight their way through each world to save the day.

Rayman Legends starts out simple enough. Rayman runs, jumps, and punches, but before you know it you’re sneaking past a number of deadly traps, engaging in epic boss battles, and playing through a number of other amazing music stages. The amount of variety in each and every level is astonishing and will introduce new play mechanics and gorgeous visuals throughout your entire play through. I simply could not get enough of this game and I loved every minute of it. The game is sheer brilliance and the level design found within each of the worlds is incredible.


Control wise, this game couldn’t get any better. I never felt that the game needed anything in terms of controls and all the characters were very responsive to my button presses. If I needed to stop on a dime, jump in a split second or smack an enemy, everything responded perfectly and control was never an issue. The XBOX One sports (arguably) gamings best controller and this game works flawlessly with the title.

The music along with the sound effects reminded me of an amazing animated movie and gamers will be humming along with this stunning soundtrack.

I feel like I could go on and on but feel like I would end up sounding a bit redundant. If you are a fan of platforming or video games in general, this is one amazing package. The beautifully rendered environments and characters are classic and instantly has become one of my favorite video games of all time. Everything about Rayman Legends is phenomenal and I hope this review (albeit a bit short) will entice you to purchase this game. It’s beautiful, a work of genius and fantastic all around. If you own a XBOX One, this game has to be in your collection.

Overall Myvideogamenews’ Score: 9.5 out of 10.