3 Things We Want to Hear From Tonight’s Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct


If you’re like me, I get very excited whenever there are Nintendo Direct’s. I love to see what Nintendo has planned for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and today’s show will solely focus on their upcoming “smash” hit, Super Smash Bros. The presentation is set to take place at 6PM EST and will be broadcasted in a number of different territories. With the show being announced late last week and with a worldwide broadcast, there are sure to be some bombs being thrown later this evening. Here are 3 things we want to here from tonight’s Nintendo Direct.


This one may be a reach but we would LOVE to hear a firm release date on the title. I think that if Nintendo decided to reveal a release date for the title, it would send the gaming community into a frenzy and really make the Wii U attractive again to “on the fence” gamers. I presume the release date will be later this year (Holiday time) but announcing the actual release date would be great news for Nintendo.

*It has been announced that the release window will be announced during the show.


An all new trailer is pretty much a given but one that displays a number of new characters would also help fuel the fire on this much anticipated game. As of this writing there are 24 officially announced characters and I would love to see that number rise by a couple by the end of the show. Possibly another 3rd party character as well as some returning favorites will help wet our appetites.


For the love of all things Nintendo, PLEASE make this game have a “real” online multiplayer mode. I’m talking the works with this one. Online matchmaking, dedicated servers, everything to get people online with their Wii U consoles. I truly think that this could make the Wii U relevant in the online realm and Miiverse support, online multiplayer, stamp collections and everything in between could really give this game an amazing experience for the online community.

As always, thanks for reading everyone. What would you like to hear later tonight?