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Titanfall is officially the next big thing and with gamers everywhere flexing their Titan muscles, we here at myvideogamenews.com thought that we would put together a nice little list to help you all out with the title. I have already played countless hours with the title (it’s borderline unhealthy) and have compiled for Titanfall tips and tricks for everyone to check out.

So without further ado, here are some helpful tips for Titanfall.

Float Like a Butterfly Sting Like a Bee.

This is not call of duty. I repeat, this is not a Call of Duty game. Once we get past that way of thinking your world will soon open up. Your pilot has the ability to wall run, double jump and traverse laterally as well as vertically. Try and get use to this as quick as possible because it will give you the upper hand. Get on top of building and rain down the fire on your opponents. The quicker you learn how to traverse the levels in Titanfall the better.

Cloaking Should Be Your New Best Friend

It may seem like a no brainier to hit the RB button while you’re playing Titanfall but I can’t tell you how many times I could’ve avoided death simply by being cloaked. When you are mostly invisible it’s a lot harder for you to be detected thus opening you to throw some much needed shells your opponents way. I know this tip may not sound like a tip for playing per say but when you start Titanfall for the first time, an immediate rush comes over you with all the action going on that this simple, yet very effective press of a button will help you stay alive immensely.

Turn Auto Run On

Right under the settings option there is a nifty little option that allows players to turn auto run on. Do it. This is a fast paced game so be sure to flick this awesome option on and free up a thumb for other purposes. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like this option but has turned out to be a very valuable asset. No matter how much you may want to slow down the game, this is a fast paced battle and even if you choose to snipe as your main source of shooting, you are still going to need to get to your favorite sniping spots as quickly and easily as possible so get use to this option quickly.

Don’t Stop Moving

Don’t stop moving, I repeat, don’t stop moving. Unless you’re really good at hiding, you need to keep moving and shooting. If you become complacent and wait for the action to come to you, it will already be too late. Wall-running not only increases your speed it becomes imperative. Don’t stop moving.

Time Those Titanfalls

Whenever you have the ability to summon your Titan try and time it with your opponents on the ground. Not only does this cause crazy impact, it will kill everything it drops on. This allowed me to rack up some easy kills and Titanfalls do some massive damage when they are dropped. It also happens to be very satisfying.

As always, thanks for reading. If you are enjoying Titanfall as much as I am, leave us a comment in the comment section!

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