5 Big Predictions For E3 2014


It’s E3 time my fellow readers and yours truly has some predictions for the big show. One of my predictions for E3 2014 was going to be a Kinect-less XBOX One but Microsoft has already beaten me to the punch by announcing the new XBOX One… Maybe I am onto something this year and some of my predictions will come true.

So, without further ado, here are some predictions for E3 2014.


Nintendo Shows an all new Metriod


We know that Zelda Wii U, Smash Bros, X, Yarn Yoshi, Bayonetta 2 and others are headed to the big show for Nintendo but I am going out on a limb and state that Nintendo will also showcase an all new Metriod in some form. Although Nintendo already appears to have a pretty full show for this year’s E3, I think that Samus will return faster than say a certain fox….

The Last Guardian becomes The Lost Guardian…


I have predicted that the highly anticipated Sony PS4 title “The Last Guardian” will make its triumphant return for sometime but I am going to predict that the title pulls another no show at this year’s E3 in hopes that the company proves me wrong. The Last Guardian already has a GIGANTIC following and I think its high time someone provides more information regarding the game, but I always have a strange feeling around E3 time that the game will not show… Please prove me wrong!

GTA V Goes Next Gen This Winter


I think this one is pretty much a given but my prediction is that GTA V is indeed headed to next gen consoles and will release this winter. Rockstar games has already made an exorbitant amount of money and there is no reason why the game cannot make the jump to Sony and Microsoft’s next gen consoles. A Holiday release for this stand out game makes too much sense to me.

New Color For XBOX One


This may not be the biggest deal but I can see Microsoft announcing an all new color for their next gen system to go along with the release of their Kinect-less XBOX One on June 9th. A white XBOX One would look rather nice in my entertainment stand don’t you think?


Outlandish Predictions

Microsoft enters the handheld market and announces a handheld to compete with Sony and Nintendo. Nintendo’s new QOL platform actually makes a showing. Sony announces that they will SHIP Uncharted 4 later this year (we all know it’s coming and if I was a betting man I’d say 2015 but this is labeled “outlandish predictions”).


As always, thanks for reading. Keep it here for all your E3 2014 news.