MVGN’s Last Minute E3 2014 Predictions


E3 2014 is this Monday. That’s right, in 2 days from this article, we will get to finally hear about the future of gaming and we couldn’t be more excited. We have stayed up late preparing for this year’s big show and E3 2014 is shaping up to be something special. While many other outlets have made their predictions for the big show, we have decided to compile a list of last minute E3 2014 predictions for your reading pleasure. From a new Metriod title to a Halo Collection for XBOX One, here is MVGN’s last minute E3 2014 predictions:

Metriod Will Make An Appearance


We feel like the writings already on the wall with this one. We ignored the clues before Donkey Kong was announced but we are not going to ignore the clues for Metriod being announced this time around. Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aime wore a nice little Samus pin on his lapel when they debuted Cranky Kong and we feel it’s been way too long for Metriod to pop up on either the 3DS or Wii U. While we would prefer a fleshed out, HD version of the popular franchise, we could also see Samus going back to her routes and making her appearance on the 3DS for release later this year.

This coming week, we will know for sure.

Nintendo Will Show A Super Smash Bros Special Edition Bundle For Wii U


One of Nintendo’s biggest titles this year will undoubtably be Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Every time we see more about this game, we get all giddy and excited like little school girls and cannot wait to be playing this one later this year. While the game is slated for a Winder release on Wii U, we believe that Nintendo will showcase a special edition bundle for the Wii U version that will come packaged with that wonderful Gamecube controller adaptor as well as a Gamecube controller. We believe that it will run around $99 and will have a December release date.


The Last Guardian Pulls a No Show… Again


Say it aint so, but we think that Sony’s highly anticipated The Last Guardian will pull another no show. We are praying that we are dead wrong on this prediction but there have been no hints that the game will be shown during E3 2014. If this game is ever released, it needs to live up to the hype as many gamers around the world are awaiting this one like the 2nd coming.

Prove us wrong!


Halo 5 is Teased And Not Shown (Instead a Halo Collection)


Our final prediction is regarding Halo 5. Although the game will no doubt make an appearance at the show, we believe it won’t be a full, fleshed out reveal like some may hope. MVGN still thinks that Halo 5 may be a little ways off and that we will get a remastered Halo collection instead later this year.


Be sure to keep it here for all your E3 2014 news. What are your last minute predictions for the big show?