Has The PS4 Already Won This New Generation?


Momentum can be a funny thing. If you have it, it can be fantastic for your business or sports team. If momentum is in your favor, sales increase and sports teams win. It’s a remarkable thing to have and everybody who runs a business or a sports team wants it. If momentum is not on your side however, you most certainly feel the ill effects.

Momentum has both direction as well as magnitude and with this new generation of consoles starting to hit their stride, we have certainly seen a shift in momentum for Sony’s newest home console, Playstation 4. The PS4 has already gathered an impressive 10 million units in sales and shows no signs of slowing down. The momentum for the system is incredible and with a relatively low number of “must have titles”, the system is only set to perform better once the AAA exclusives hit. Sony is currently enjoying a very healthy boost in momentum shift and may carry them to the overall winner of this generation once the dust settles sales wise.

As you have already gathered by now, the PS4 is a massive success thus far. The system continues to impress in the United States ( although it does need help in Japan however) and we are slowly inching towards that all important holiday season.  The system will be on everyone’s wish list and will be more readily available coming into the holidays.

The gaming community has taken notice with the systems impressive numbers and while the XBOX One has sold a respectable amount as well, it still doesn’t compare to Sony’s early lead. We understand that a gaming generation in terms of hardware sales is a marathon and not a sprint but facts are facts; and it’s simply too hard to ignore that Sony has come out swinging in this new generation.

It’s much too early to tell but it’s certainly hard to ignore. Since its inception, Sony’s new hardware has taken the world by storm. XBOX One had to do a “360” early on in its lifespan and Nintendo blew its early lead by getting outsold by Sony in a matter of months. Both systems are impressive and will have their fair share of sales, but it will be a hard road moving forward to try and take back what Sony has already mustered up in terms of PS4 sales.

In the end, it will be the gamers that win as all 3 companies try and fight for our hard earned dollars.  It may sound a bit extreme but I can’t imagine my life without my Wii U.  My entire family plays the system daily and it’s an outstanding piece of hardware.  XBOX One seems like the next step for Microsoft and with exclusives like Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct, Quantum Break and now the next Tomb Raider, the system is set to enjoy a healthy generation as well.  Sony however, may have already won this “next generation” war.

It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the coming years and it’s times like this that have me very excited to be a gamer.   Thanks for reading.


  1. If the Xbox One did a “360,” then it would end up exactly where it had started and not changed at all. I believe you meant to say that Xbox One did a “180.” Otherwise, great read!

  2. Ms should just release the more powerful Xbox Two next year. Fully compatible with the One. None of these consoles will last 5 years with their budget hardware.

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