Destiny PS4 Review


My friends, I have been to the moon and back again! I have killed many opponents in the crucible and I have fought a number of bad guys with some very sweet weapons. Yes my friends, Destiny has released and while some other video game outlets may not have fallen in love with the title, we here at Myvideogamenews have grown to really enjoy the game and are here to tell you about it in our official Destiny review.

How did the game fair? Read on the find out!


Before I sat down to write this review, I wanted to spend some ample time with the game. After all, Destiny had just a little of hype surrounding the titles release and went on to become the #1 pre-ordered new IP of all time. Surely this game couldn’t live up to its massive hype train, could it?

Let’s start off with the bad (which I didn’t necessarily mind but I could see gamers getting a little bent out of shape). Although we are greeted with some of the most massive and beautiful levels, the games narrative isn’t going to win any awards any time soon and some of the missions felt a bit stale. It never delved deep into “Halo-type” lore and some the missions ended up feeling a bit repetitive. You will fly to a number of locations within the solar system and find yourself doing a lot of the same stuff. I didn’t mind this necessarily because shooting bad guys with some sweet guns is always fun in my book, but the missions themselves were utterly the same thing.

What really sets Destiny apart is its way of blending numerous genres into one single experience. Destiny is a Star Wars inspired FPS, MMO, RPG and Loot fetching game all rolled into one. Once I accepted its initial flaws, I really started to enjoy the game. I found myself loving flying from planet to planet and returning “home” to the tower to cash in my bounties or get new weapons and gear. The number of locals that you will visit during your stay in the game is awesome and each planet has a different feel to it. Mars looks awesome, Earth is incredible and the moon is awe inspiring. The games visuals is a real testament as to what this current generation of systems is capable of (we played the PS4 version) and we can’t wait for more.

The social aspect is also pretty interesting and watching other players populate the city never got old. I always enjoyed checking out other players and how they chose to deck out there Destiny character. It made me want to collect what they had so I found myself coming back to the game more often than not and trying to get that one item I desperately craved.

The gameplay and graphics in Destiny is pure awesomeness. Players can expect tight controls and well thought out enemies. The game utilizes some nifty lighting tricks and fully immerse players in its gorgeous worlds. Ducking behind cover, reloading your weapons and shooting the bad guys all felt natural and it’s nice to see Bungie hasn’t lost its way when it comes to FPS.

All in all we think that Destiny is going to be one of those games that you just need to experience for yourself. At first gameplay, we found the game a little confusing but ended up really enjoying the title. Destiny features amazing locales, tight gameplay and imaginative characters. It sports some outstanding multiplayer and really shines in its gorgeous level design. We walked away wanting more from the game and it will be interesting to see where Bungie takes the series.

Overall Myvideogamenews score: 8.5 out of 10.

Thanks for reading.